Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our New Home

We have finally moved out of our apartment and we are totally into our new place - an end-unit townhome.  While we are still renting, we definitely have the feeling of being more at "home" in our new location.  I am not entirely sure where my camera is at the moment, so I have not taken any pictures during the move and since we've been getting settled.  I've had lots of people wondering what our new place looks like, so I decided to throw together a quick post to show some pictures of the "before" end of our move.  Once I dig up the camera, I'll go around taking some "after" shots so you can see the finished product!

So, as I said, our townhome is an end-unit, which is great.  Only one neighbor attached to us.  We are loving this because, unlike apartment living, there is no one above of below us!  You walk into the living room and immediately to your right is the master bedroom.  While it is technically the "master" bedroom, we have designated that room as Peyton's room.  Since the other bedrooms are upstairs, there is just no way we could put her upstairs since she is in a wheelchair.  As you'll see, the downstairs is hardwood {alright, nice laminate}, which is perfect for her.  As she needs 24/7 supervision, I am in her room with her.  I haven't actually slept in "my" room for about 3.5 years now.

Here's a look at Peyton's room.  It's very bright.  The floors are perfect for her being in a wheelchair.  It's a really nice big room, so it accomodates her furniture and equipment nicely.  We've also had to put my big dresser with a mirror down here since it would not fit in the room upstairs that is now technically the "master" bedroom.  As you are looking at this picture, imagine it continuing several more feet to the left with a hallway leading to a bathroom off the end of the room.  There's a long closet along that little hallway - not a walk-in, but a nice size.  Off the bathroom is a small laundry room.  You basically walk in and the washer is on one side and the dryer on the other.  There's no real storage room in there except for a few shelves above the washer and dryer.

Another feature in Peyton's room is a "closet under the stairs" a la Harry Potter.  No, this is not where she sleeps.  This closet is great.  It fits a TON of stuff.  It's packed to the gills now.

The living room has a nice corner fireplace.  The curtain hanging above covers a reno project that the owners did.  The room upstairs was a loft with a rail along that wall overlooking the living room.  They decided to close off the opening by building in a bookcase in that room.  They did not close in the back side, so if you were to look behind the curtain, you'd see the rail and the back of the built in.  I think if we owned the home, that would get finished off, but for now it's fine.

This is the other end of the living room at the front end of the house.  Like Peyton's room, it faces the street and we get a lot of sunlight through these windows.

The kitchen is straight to the back of the house when you walk through the living room.  Again, there is a lot of natural light because there is the window over the sink, a window on the wall to the right of the fridge, and right at the front of this picture on the right side is a set of patio doors leading out to a screened in deck that runs along the whole back side of the house.

The stairs are located off the dining area which is situated right in front of this island in the kitchen.  To the left of the stairs is a little pantry as well as a half bath.  The stairs are built in a "U" up and around the pantry.  Here is the view down into the living room from the top of the stairs.

There are two bedrooms and a full bath upstairs.  One of the bedrooms is being used as the master since the real master is downstairs being occupied by Peyton.  This is the former loft with the built in bookcase.  There's a little closet to the right of the shelves which is being used as a coat closet since there isn't one downstairs.  The closet in this room is a nice sized walk-in.  The view from this room is the backyard.  The yard is very small, but that's fine.  On the other side of the fence is a wooded area and a creek or something.  No backyard neighbors!

Moira's room is also upstairs.  She hasn't had her own room in quite a while, so it's pretty exciting for her, although she's finding it hard to get used to at night.  Her room faces the street.  If you go back up to the top picture of the exterior, hers is the upstairs window you see.

One of the many nice features of this townhouse is the deck on the back side of the house.  Right now it is totally filled with boxes and general clutter.  I'm so excited to get it organized so we can make us of this awesome outdoor living space!

There you have it!  This is our new home for the next couple years at least.  Once I find my camera, I'll take you on the "furnished" tour!


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