Monday, September 10, 2012

Meet My September Large Sponsors!

Friends - I have a LOT of new faces on my sidebar this month!  A few familiar ones, but lots of new sponsors who I want to share with you!  I hope you enjoy reading a little bit about them, but more importantly, I hope you'll head over and visit them on their blogs and get to know they better over there!

Hi! I'm Kimberly from A Night Owl, a blog about the evening antics of a working mom! I'm wife to my best friend Andre, and mother to two adorable boys, AJ and Alex. In my "spare time" I enjoy crafting, photography, thrifting, parties or a quick and easy recipe and have really enjoyed sharing this aspect of my life with all of you! I love to connect with new friends and would love for you to come by A Night Owl and introduce yourself! 

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Hi! I'm Abbey from The Makings of a Mess where I blog about the ups and downs of being a 24 year old in Northern Virginia. It's a place where I can just go to vent and share my happy thoughts! I love spending time with my boyfriend, reading, blogging, working out [when I'm motivated], and visiting family! I have a thing for warm weather, tea, Target, reality television, and Netflix. Come check out my blog and say hello! I love making new blogger friends.

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Some of my passions/topics on my blog include: The Bible, goals and dreams, purity, health, and crafting.  I host the Healthy Tuesday Hop!  Come link-up any healthy recipes, exercise posts, or other health-related posts!

Barefoot Hippie Girl is totally not a Hippie site, because I'm not a Hippie. It's just my bff's nickname for me. At Barefoot Hippie Girl I do write a lot of feet things though. My goal is to point my readers to Jesus Christ. It is to challenge them to wait on the Lord, to renew their strength, to run and not grow weary, to walk and not faint. I do this by writing about my life, parenting, home schooling, cooking, projects, devotional thoughts, and anything else that happens to be stewing in my mind that day.

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Hi folks! I'm Amanda and I blog @ raspberrybeige. I'm somewhat new to the blogosphere {5 months-ish} and am putting on my brave pants and starting to branch out. Just so we're clear... I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing! I love to laugh, mostly at myself. You'll find lots of sarcasm on my blog. Seriously, it's my therapy. You may also find blog posts involving teaching, the muppets, DIY, faith, Disney World, my versions of haikus {don't read if you're an English major}, and trying to figure out what in the world I am doing with my toddler. I would love for you to stop by my blog and laugh at me. Believe me, I'm used to it. 

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I'm Aimee, a fun-loving Christian, wife, and new mom.  I love spending my time taking care of my six month little guy, hanging out with my husband, helping out with my church's junior high youth group, and drinking diet coke (just had to throw that in there).  I also blog at Someone's Gotta Pay, a project that was born two summers ago after I read the book Everyday Justice by Julie Clawson and was surprised to learn about the ways my everyday choices could impact people around the world.  The clothes I wear, the food I eat, the chocolate I snack on, the coffee I buy - all of these have a story behind them.  And many of the stories aren't pretty: sweatshop labor, pollution, modern-slavery, child labor.  Clawson offered several ways someone could make little changes to fight against these issues.  And so a whole new world was opened up to me - a world of fair trade, organic, and eco-friendly options.  And I needed a place to write about this new world and the changes I was attempting to make in my own life.  I'm not good at extremes, so I didn't change my life drastically all at once.  In fact, I'm still in the process of figuring out how I can make little choices to love a big world.

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Hey there...I'm Kelly, TheNODramaMama!  Even though I majored in theater, I try to keep the DRAMA to a minimum these days.  I'm an avid DIYer and, currently, a SAHM.  My family is my life and I love it! I'm so excited to be sponsoring The Fontenot Four and hope you come follow along!

Hey all! I'm Jasanna, and I write MunchTalk. It's a haven for my healthy-life pursuit, exploration of ridiculously cool new products, fun decorating projects, and tasty recipes. Above all, it's my way to shine the light of Christ through my life online. :) My handsome husband also contributes new product reviews on the manly stuff! We've always got somethin' fun going on, so there's probably even a giveaway you can enter. Stop by, I'd love to meet you and connect! 

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