Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just Cause - A Guest Post!

I am thrilled to be sharing with you blogger ladies today. Why? First I wanted to tell you thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all the support you gave Sarah during the blogger bra drive. Why am I so thankful? Because I'm Mrs Pate!

The bra drive rocked my world in ways that I never imagined. What went from trying to just help my little sister win a contest at her job, created a change in me that I didn't think was possible. See I am a stay at home mom. Now I know what you are thinking, a lot of you are stay at home moms. But no really, I STAY at home. See my husband and I have one car. One set of keys. One. There is no running to the store for something I forgot. Play dates are hosted at my home, and there are many stings of pain seeing my friends all on instagram somewhere and I'm home.

Needless to say you end up feeling very isolated, like you can't do anything. I didn't realize how wrong I was. After posting on facebook I was collecting bras, ladies from all over my area where searching me out to pass off their goodies. I had so many ladies want to help that I had to start turning people down! That's how the bra drive was formed. One night I had a crazy thought that if so many women wanted to help me here, how many women all over the USA would want to help too?

562 bras later......{and I just say I'm stilled floored!} lets just say I don't feel like I can't do anything anymore.

With the success, you could say, of the bra drive, I began to think about other people in the world that needed help. Around the same time a sweet blogger lady that was participating in the bra drive sent me an email. She was thinking the same thing. How could we do more, more for others, more encouraging the blog world to do more?

That's how Just Cause was born!

Every month we are highlighting a cause and how you, the blogger world, can help! This month the cause is Sole Hope. Sole Hope is an organization that provides shoes for children all over the world, and teaches women how to make these shoes. This provides income for these families, and we all know that where there are jobs, there is education, where there is education, there is a thriving community.

How can you help? First jump over to Mrs Pate Writes and check out Just Cause. Link up, write about Sole Hope, and if you want, host a shoe cutting party! It is very simple and there are a few blog links to parties that have been done for you to get examples and see how to have a great party! Also Sole Hope has given us 15% off their shoe cutting party kits {which you need to host a party}. Just check out this post to find the code!

Y'all have been such a blessing with the bra drive, I can't wait to see what you do for Sole Hope!

Thank you so much, Tiffany, for sharing about Just Cause and Sole Hope.  I think it is so important that we use our blogging platforms not just for having a soapbox to preach from, but to do some good in this world.  I was so happy to help with Mrs. Pate's Blogger Bra Drive {and you know, I received many more after my official count was in!!}.  I'm also happy to help Tiffany promote other causes which need your help.  I sincerely hope you'll jump on over to her blog to check them out.


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