Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Week 40 - A Guest Post!

We're off to Boston this week so Peyton can get some very much needed second opinions at the Children's Hospital there.  Since I don't know what my availability is going to be like this week for blogging, I've asked some friends to help me out.  I hope you enjoy my guest bloggers while I'm gone!  

I am continuing my weekly "tradition" of having a Thankful Thursday link up.  However, since I wasn't sure of the amount of time I would have during this week to devote to online interaction and blogging, I agreed to hand over the reins on this post to a guest-blogger.  Trust me...I am very thankful for many things, including this post!

Today, please welcome Noel from Noel's Beautiful Life!


Hello There Fontenot Beloved Readers! My name is Noël Maria, and I am so happy to have this moment with you. First things first I would like to thank Sarah for giving me this guest post, and tell her that she shouldn't worry - her blog is in good hands. And then I thought maybe you might want the 411 about who it is that you are reading now. 

So here are some facts about me, I am a wife to a Giant man named Moses. We have been married 17 years now, going strong and in love thank you Jesus. We have 4 kids, I like to refer to them as my Fab 4. Two girls Emma and Chloe, and two boys Solomon and Isaiah. And we have 2, 4 legged friends. We live in Seattle, WA. Currently, I am working hard at home to raise those Fab 4 children I mentioned earlier. I really like a lot all things vintage, black licorice, vw, yoga, crocheted, artsy, tattooed, and musical. 

But you all aren't here to talk about me, we are here together to talk about thankfulness.

And now on to why I am thankful this Thursday.

I have been given a truly beautiful life all of which I have only because of my Creator and His amazing love and faithfulness to me. But I often wonder what would my life be like if I wasn't aware, or my eyes were not opened to the Love of Christ at an early age. Or what about if I wasn't born here in this country that is so fortunate? Would if I didn't have Greg and Ellen as my parents?
Would if I didn't have two sister and two brothers to support and encourage me my whole life?
These are the questions that make my head spin with wonder.

Do you ever think like this?

I think that somehow I know deep down in my knower that life, my life is a precious gift not to be taken for granted. And whether or not I have all those people and things I listed above I would still be grateful for the greatest gift, and that is my salvation.

This is what I know for sure;

That each moment provides a new beginning, filled with promise and the hope of better tomorrows.
That every morning I wake up with air in my lungs is a reason to be thankful.
That I only get today. 
Right now.
To be Thankful. 

Even though I know all of these things on a regular basis I can still struggle to keep a thankful heart. 

Am I alone here?

I have told Sarah from the moment I stumbled upon her blog months ago that I she is amazing because her life is not often filled with normal moments that I can sometimes take for granted, and YET she finds a way to give thanks. She has reminded me every Thursday, time and time again to give thanks.
So here we are together on another Thursday ready to give thanks. 


Noel, thank you so much for sharing a bit about yourself and what you are thankful for!  I have enjoyed getting to know Noel a little more and I hope that you will head over and visit her at  Noel's Beautiful Life.

Psalm 9:1 (NIV)
I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart;
I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.

Please feel free to link up your "thankful" posts below and spread the word about this link up!  I can't wait to read your posts!

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