Sunday, August 12, 2012

On Mothering - A Guest Post!

We're off to Boston this week so Peyton can get some very much needed second opinions at the Children's Hospital there.  Since I don't know what my availability is going to be like this week for blogging, I've asked some friends to help me out.  I hope you enjoy my guest bloggers while I'm gone!

Today, please welcome Bonnie from Mrs. Bonn Bonn!


The other day I posted a status on Facebook that went something like this: While Cole is away, mommy will play, and by play I mean do the laundry. I got the following response from a fellow Facebook friend: Fyi I work full time, and I still have to come home and do laundry. To be honest with you I didn't like the comment. I know that FB comments can be left up to anyone's interpretation, and maybe she meant nothing by it, then again maybe she did.

I have also heard other moms who work outside of the home say things like it must be nice to wear yoga pants, and have play dates all day. These recent ecards have further given me the feeling that mom's who work home full time somehow think that they are better, or have it harder than moms who don't work. Am I off base with this?

For those of you who work outside of the home, please don't discount moms who stay at home full time, like they don't work too. Staying at home means doesn't come without it's sacrifices. I for one am putting my career as a nurse on hold. The budget isn't what it used to be, and we make many sacrifices as a family for me to stay home. Staying at home is work, and it's hard. Dare I say that staying at home is harder than any full time corportate job I have ever had? Sometimes I daydream about the days when I had several hours of uninterrupted adult conversation. What is it like to go to the bathroom by yourself? I have forgotten what it's like to brush my hair every day and look presentable to the public. I wear yoga pants all day because by noon my clothing is stained from head to toe. It's certainly not because I'm headed to the yoga studio anytime soon. That cute ball cap I have on is to cover up my greasy hair because I have not been able to shower in a few days. I don't present myself this way because I'm living some laid back cush life.

The truth of the matter is that we can compare all day. I could just as easily thumb my nose at working moms because they let someone else care for their children. Instead of pitting ourselves against each other in a war of who has it harder, lets be supportive no matter what our individual situation is. Your situation may not look like mine, but we have one thing in common, and that is that we are moms and we are doing the best we can.

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Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Bonnie!  Friends, I hope you take a moment to head on over to Bonnie's blog to show her some love!

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