Monday, August 20, 2012

Meet My August Large Sponsors

You've seen a lot of large ads on my blog this month!  Today I would love for you to meet some of the lovely ladies behind the ads!  Some of them are familiar faces while others are new to my sidebar.  I'd love for you to get to know them and then wander on over to their blogs and say hi!

I am a wife and a mom who spends a lot of time chasing around an active toddler girl. All the while, I'm pursuing my Master's Degree in Social Work. In what little free time I have, I like to sew for my little girl. My blog is a compilation of all the projects I take on as a means to keep myself sane. 

This summer has been filled with my husband working too much and a lot of homework. I'm looking forward to Labor Day Weekend where we will have four uninterrupted days of family fun!

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Hi y'all! I'm Amanda and I blog at Royal Daughter Designs, a Christian lifestyle + motivational blog. I blog about my quiet little life on a small farm in Texas, and every week you'll find tips + tricks for beautifying your blog.

My husband and I took a 4,000 mile, 3 week long road trip this summer - and that was a blast. My favorite thing was a spur of the moment midnight trip to Cape Hatteras Lighthouse - we wanted to see the beacon of light at night. It was a fun and impromptu late night date!

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I'm a list-making, nursing student, sprinkle obsessed mama of a beautiful little girl we call Alea Lou. My name's Chelsea, but all my friend's call me Chels, so I expect you to as well. 

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I'm a teacher mommy that shares diy projects, recipes, organizational ideas and party planning details.  I usually have an adorable, talkative assistant working with me, my two and a half year old Riley.  Riley is a mini-version of me so she's controlling, a bit bossy and always on the move.  My husband and I try to keep up with her as best as we can.   The best part of my summer was spending it at home with my daughter!

I host a weekly link party on Wednesdays and a Bloglovin Blog Hop at the end of each month!

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I'm a 26 year old stay at home mom of an 11 month old {Bekah} and wife to my Prince Charming {Jon}.
My blog is like an old family photo album -- as you flip through the posts you'll find funny moments, serious moments, heartfelt moments, and all kinds of stuff in between.  I love being a wife, thrifting, belly-laughs, classic literature, cozy-cuddly moments with my baby, but most of all I love Jesus, the Giver of all good things.

What I always enjoy most about summertime are the extra hours of daily sunshine. It makes me feel like I have a whole lot more time to get things done, and there's just something about the summer sunset that makes the home feel nice and cozy when the sun's pouring in through the windows.


My name is Paige and I blog and create over at Artsy Anthropology. I started making jewelry and then moved to hair accessories, around this time I started blogging to promote my shop - I have since adding sewing to the list and make handbags, cases and what not... and now I also just blog for fun! I have met so many great ladies through blogging that I'm glad I did it!  My summer? Well, I work 6 days a week as a waitress, so I guess I've enjoyed all the free time, without school, I have to craft - that's been amazing!

Through August I'm donating 10% of all profits in my shop {and sales through Instagram - @artsyanthro} to Pencils of Promise- an organization that builds schools for children in 3rd world countries who would otherwise not be privileged with an education. Code: Fontenot4 will get you 10% off!

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