Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Looking to Sponsor In September?

If you are looking for a place to advertise, I would love to have you here!  I would love to help promote your blogs!

I have been making some changes to my sidebar.  I am in the process of converting the sizes of my spots so that my sidebar ads have a uniform width.  You may have noticed my medium ad spots are now a little shorter but also a little wider.  In reality, they take up the same sidebar "real estate", but the appearance is much cleaner.

Starting in September, my swap section will be changing!  The size of the ads will be reduced to 125x125 so that the width of two ads across is uniform in appearance with the 250 width of the larger ad spaces.  Also, I am greatly reducing the number of swaps that I am participating in, so if you would like to swap, I would suggest you act quickly!

Also, in an effort to help promote blogs better, the number of paid ad spots I have available is decreasing.  I will still have just the one extra large spot, but there will be fewer large and medium spots available.  Speaking of extra large spots - the September ad is already taken, but you can book now for October!  I'd love to have you!  Please note that none my pricing has not changed with any of the changes that are taking place with sponsorships here!

I hope you'll consider sponsoring my little corner of the blogosphere.


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