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Flashback: 1986

Some awesome bloggers are starting an awesome monthly link up today.  It's called "A Look Back" and it is hosted by Shaping Up To Be A Mom, Houtz House Party, Absolute Mommy, and Covered In Grace.  You can read all about this linky party here.  Today I am linking up my memories of 1986!

Some facts about me in 1986:

Age: I turned 14 on November 19th
Where you lived: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada {that's pronounced "Soo Saint Marie"}
Favorite activities/pastimes: Girl Guides {that's Canadian Girl Scouts, eh?!}, Pathfinders {the next step after Girl Guides}, skiing, playing the organ {dare I admit that?}, and taking Scottish Highland dance lessons
Vacations taken: mostly to visit relatives in Southern Ontario
Best friend(s): Heidi
Favorite book: probably diggin' some Judy Blume or something like that
Favorite movies: Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Stand By Me, Platoon, Labyrinth
Favorite tv shows: Perfect Strangers, The Love Boat, Knight Rider
Favorite place to be: Not at school
Favorite outfit/Fashion trends: Check my specs!
Did you have any "firsts" this year?: First trophy won!
What did you do for your birthday or a special holiday?: I went to my first pro baseball game!

Now that you have the skinny on 1986, take a look at my year in photos!!

Let's start out with me being in 8th grade {or "grade 8" as it was always referred to by, oh, everyone I knew in Canada...this whole "8th grade" thing...that's "American" to me}.  We had to recite an oral - a memorized speech - to the class every single year.  I hated orals.  But I did well enough to bring it to a city-wide competition.  Yay me.

So what was my oral about??
When I look back at my oral now, I must say, I my mom did any incredible amount of research!

When you were still in bed this morning, did you feel that you were in THE most comfortable, warm and cozy place in the world?  Were you in the midst of a beautiful, exciting dream when you were rudely awakened by your alarm clock?  Mr. Cerra and fellow classmates, today I would like to invite you to explore with me the land of "DREAMS".

Wow!  I know I'm totally captivated and want to read more...NOW.

I graduated from grade 8 in 1986.  Another girl and I were constantly battling it out each term for the highest marks.  At the end of the year, though, she was valedictorian and I was like the runner up.  I got the big giant trophy {for the school to keep} and the plaque {for me to keep} for the "hardest working student in grade 8".  Yeah, that's not on my resume.  Please...try not to be jeal of the specs we're sporting, the dresses...or the tie.  Whoever took the picture could have waited til I opened my eyes though.

My graduating class.  I am still in touch with my friend Heidi {center in blue}.  I'm not sure where most people wound up in life.  I do know that two of the boys in this photo (back row far right in the white suit and the boy 3rd from the right} are deceased.  The white suit guy was just this year and the other was several years ago.  Very sad.

Unlike my sister's graduating class the year before who went to Toronto for a class trip, our class went to Mackinac Island.  I lived on a border town - on the Ontario side.  Michigan was a quick trip across the bridge.  Just minutes away.  To get to Mackinac Island, you simply cross the bridge, which dumps you on to I-75 on the Michigan side.  Head south about 40 miles or so to St. Ignace, Michigan and then hop on a passenger ferry to the island.  Cars are not allowed there!

Perhaps you will recognize this building.  It's the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.  If you ever saw the 1980 movie Somewhere In Time starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour, you will know this as the hotel where they met in the movie.  I loved seeing such an iconic and familiar sight in that movie!

In 1986, I participated in an organ recital with the music school I took lessons at.  I think I remember secretly wishing I could somehow break my arm prior to the recital so that I wouldn't have to do it.  I was so scared!

We had some family visit from Scotland.  This is my super-cool cousin {my mom's first cousin's son}.  And, yes, that IS a powder blue Dodge Aries K car station wagon in the background!  That was the family ride in 1986.

 My sister and I were still taking Scottish Highland dance lessons.  Our dance school participated in the Canada Day celebrations at the pavilion at our local park.  My sister was dancing at the time of this picture, but she's not shown.  I was patiently waiting my turn.

We traveled to visit my mom's sister and her family near Toronto in the summer.  We took in a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game.  This was my family's first trip to a pro {or any} baseball game.  It poured that day.  This game was at the old Exhibition Stadium in the pre-Sky Dome days.  Yes, that is BJ Birdie.  Is he still around??

It was also fan appreciation day or something, and they had the players out on the field before the game.  You could walk on the field behind that fence and gawk at them and take pictures and get autographs.  That was back in the day of Dave Stieb, George Bell, Tony Fernandez, Tom Henke and others.

Winter came and with it was our chance to see Rick Hansen during his Man In Motion tour.  Inspired by fellow Canadian Terry Fox {who was running across Canada to raise money for cancer research - we saw him too back in 1981 not long before he passed away}, Rick embarked on his tour via wheelchair to raise money for spinal cord injury research.

You may know the song from St. Elmo's Fire, but did you know that the song Man In Motion was written in Rick Hansen's honor by another fellow Canadian, David Foster?

I started high school in 1986.  Mount St. Joseph College - an all-girls Catholic high school complete with uniforms and nuns.  I attended my first Sadie Hawkins dance, where they had "marriage" ceremonies.  Yeah, I did that.  Check.  My.  Specs.  They are from the "Oh My WOW" collection!!  As for the didn't last.

A couple days after that, my mom turned 40.  Friends, will be 40 this year {in November - my birthday is three days after my mom's}.  This photo was taken at her surprise party that family and friends had for her birthday.  My cousin and his wife are on the left and another cousin on the right {those cousins are cousins to each other as well - both children of two of my mom's sisters}.  HE is Peyton's godfather!!  He and his wife have a beautiful daughter who is now in the middle of her college career.  She looks exactly like a non-80's version of her mom.  I nearly died when I saw this picture, she looks that much like her!  She actually favors both her parents, but in this pic, it's definitely her mom!!  And, yes, I am well aware of how much I look exactly like my own mother!!

So there you have a year in the life of ME...1986-style!
I hope you enjoyed this pictorial historical post!

Shaping Up To Be A Mom

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  1. What a big year for you! And the outfit with the tie... It could come back, my mom still has that same belt! Thanks for linking up and showing us a snapshot of your 1986 life =)


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