Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Compassion International

I recently had an opportunity to attend a Living Proof Live event featuring Beth Moore.  During the event, her praise team leader, Travis Cottrell pointed us to the large screens overhead so we could watch a video.  He simply asked that we watch and listen to the message that was presented by Compassion International:

I have heard of Compassion International before.  I've heard of them in passing and I've seen videos presented at events - like when I saw Ann Voskamp several months ago.  The videos are always very moving and, while I've often considered the idea of sponsoring a child over the past several years, I always chalked it up to being something we just couldn't "do" anytime soon.

As I sat back and watched the video this time, something stirred inside me, stronger than before.  I felt the tears welling up.  I was moved to tears because of this video.  I saw the table and the mock up of a third world dwelling on the concourse at the arena.  I saw the stacks of packets on the table and in boxes against the wall - each packet representing a child desperately in need of a sponsor.  But I felt helpless to do anything.  I had the same feeling knowing it just isn't something we can "do" right now.
I went home from the event and I shared the video with my husband and we both felt stirred to do something.  Yes, this is ultimately something we want to do together, as a family.  But when.

Source: blog.compassion.com via Sarah on Pinterest

I began reading Compassion's website.  I signed up for their emails.  Then I received one that really struck me.  September is Blog Month at Compassion International!  I eagerly clicked on the link within the email and read up on what this means.  The first step to take is to become a Compassion Blogger, which you can do here.  Once you've done that, you're in their network of bloggers and you can then participate in Blog Month!

Join the Compassion Blogger Network

I have signed up to be a Compassion Blogger.  As such, I will be participating in Blog Month.  What this means is there will be four "assignments" during the month of September - topics given by Compassion for bloggers to write about.  

Compassion's goal is that 3,108 children will be sponsored in September!

Children do not receive sponsorships magically.  People need to hear about Compassion and the work that they do for these children.  As I browsed through the photos of children waiting to be sponsored and read profile after profile, the tears welled up again.  These children are from impoverished countries.  Many of these children live in areas that are stricken by AIDS.  Many live in areas where they are more prone to exploitation and abuse.  Many of these children have been waiting for someone like you to come along for over six months!!  Not all children are living with two married parents.  Some are not living with parents, but with grandparents.  Some children are living in circumstances where their family may bring in out $67 a month.  Some only $33.  I wept to see one child whose family's average monthly income was the equivalent of $5.  My one single trip to Starbucks probably costs more than that!

My heart breaks for these children and their families.  If I could sponsor every single child on the list, I would!  That would be impossible, so that's where you come in!  Why don't you take some time to watch the video above like I did.  Take a moment to read Compassion's site.  If you can't sponsor a child yourself, would you consider partnering with them as I have to become a Compassion Blogger?  We bloggers have a voice and a platform from which to project that voice.  There are so many things which could be spoken from that platform.  It is my feeling that it is far more important to utilize that platform for good.  I want to be more intentional about how I use mine.

Won't you help me to help this incredible organization in bringing Jesus into the lives of these children?

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