Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Boston Tale - Part 3

Monday was our first day of doctor appointments for the week at Children's Hospital Boston.  We began with two Orthopedic appointments.  Unlike our hospital here, they have a variety of specialists depending on what your issue is - not just "general" Orthopedists.  We saw one doctor who specialized in lower extremities and one in upper extremities.

I have to give Children's Hospital Boston huge thumbs up.  They have got it going on when it comes to keeping kids occupied in the waiting room.  It was extremely helpful for Moira!  They have got tables set up with various things to color.  There was a volunteer in the waiting area and she was constantly over at the table with Moira offering her new things to do.  We had a bit of a wait, so it was really nice to have something and someone to keep her occupied while we waited!  Peyton had two back to back Orthopedic appointments, but the second doctor was running behind.  Instead of waiting until the very end, the first doctor had us take Peyton for some x-rays before we saw the second one.  When we were passing back through the waiting area there were a couple clowns doing a little interactive stand-up comedy thing.  What I saw was kind of funny.  Over in the radiology waiting area, they were also equipped with coloring tables and a tv showing the latest episode of Fetch, which Moira loves.

If you remember {or maybe you don't if you're new here!}, the Orthopedic appointments were the primary reason for us going to Boston.  We were really in need of some answers or solutions or something.  Sadly, we did not get any answers but we did get some suggestions.  In a nutshell, the solution to Peyton's chronic hip pain would involve a major surgery.  Essentially, since it would involve reshaping her hip, they have to do both sides.  They would have to shorten the thigh bones and then reshape the pelvis on both sides and refit the bones into the pelvis correctly.  It is a major blood loss surgery and it's just a pretty major surgery.  Unfortunately for Peyton, she just could not withstand a surgery of this magnitude.  The Orthopedist would really want all of her specialists to weigh in with their opinions on how well they think that she could tolerate the surgery before they could even go ahead with it.  In addition, the post-surgical pain might just be far more than Peyton could tolerate and could be worse than her current problem is in general.  Basically, as far as her hips go, there is really nothing we can do except to keep her comfortable through pain management.  Pretty sad when she's only 6 and is up against something like this.

You can read more about how the doctor visits went over at Peyton's CaringBridge page here.  Unfortunately I can't link to a specific post, but you can scroll through until you see the entry for August 13, 2012.

After a long day of appointments, we went back to the hotel.  Peyton and I rested while Ron and Moira went for a walk.  The hotel is about a mile {maybe??} from Fenway Park, so they went over and checked it out.  Ron treated her to a Red Sox hat and an ice cream cone as a treat!

On Tuesday, Peyton had an appointment with the Pulmonary clinic. It was one of the appointments we decided to make "just because we were there".  Since the vast majority of Peyton's problems right now are respiratory, it just made sense as long as we were at such an amazing facility.  The Pulmonary clinic is set up a little differently from the others we visited last week.  You check in and then there is a hallway that has a few benches along the wall.  There is no main waiting area.  The reason being that the children who come there have respiratory issues and they don't want them communing together in a common waiting area picking up each other's germs.  There are also no books or toys.  They are all about controlling the spread of disease in that clinic!  What they did have was an amazing display {everywhere you looked} of Jiminy Cricket memorabilia.  It was everywhere - in the lobby area, in the hallways, and in the rooms.  It was pretty neat - if you like Jiminy Cricket!

We spent a long time with the Pulmonologist.  He took a full history and and really got to know Peyton's history well.  He had some recommendations as to things we might try with her.  He set Peyton up to see another Pulmonologist who specializes in sleep disorders so that we could discuss her issues with being on bipap.  He also set us up with a PT who was able to help out in the area of airway clearance.  She had a lot of great suggestions and recommendations.  We really appreciated the time this doctor took to discuss Peyton's issues with us.  We left there feeling like we'd gotten much more valuable insight from a pulmonary standpoint than we did from orthopedics!  I felt like we at least had a few constructive things we could do to try to help figure out what's going on with Peyton.  He definitely wants us to try to maximize whatever we can do to get her back to a decent base line.

For more information on this appointment, head to the August 14th entry on Peyton's CaringBridge page.

Moira and Peyton at Children's Hospital Boston:
Jiminy Cricket memorabilia is in the pulmonary clinic
The "pond" and aquarium are features of the main hospital lobby
After a lengthy appointment and lunch, we decided to take a little road trip to Salem, MA to go and see the Salem Witch Museum.  I'd been there once before when I was about Moira's age.  It was a crazy drive over there.  Not long in terms of distance, but incredibly long when you throw in Boston traffic.  We walked around a little.  We encountered the absolute worst restrooms in {quite possibly} the entire world.  We went to the museum.  Moira stated that it was "pretty horrible....for a museum".  I was sorry that we failed to meet her expectations.

 We decided to take a break from the food court for our dinner that evening.  We looked online and Ron came up with a suggestion - The Squealing Pig.  If you ever find yourself in Boston looking for a great meal, I would highly suggest it!!  I had fish and chips.  It was awesome.  Then we split a dessert - a Mars Bar Toastie.  This decadent delight was two Belgian waffles with a melted Irish Mars bar in between along with some bananas.  Served on the side were some strawberries and fresh cream.  Oh.  My.  Yum!!!  This was amazing!!!  I highly recommend it if you find yourself there!  I'm sure it would have been even better fresh and hot in the restaurant though {we had take out}.

Well now I am hungry for the above for my dinner tonight.  Sadly, that won't be happening.  I'll just drool over the pictures for now!

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