Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Boston Tale - Part 2

The second day of our trip to Boston included four states which were "new to me".  It was also the most traffic-congested portion of our driving trip as it included the Washington, DC area through New York City. The traffic was insane.  When we approached NYC, we decided on a whim to take the Lincoln Tunnel {only because we missed the exit for the Holland Tunnel} and take a "quick" driving tour of Manhattan.

{insert laughter here}

Note: there is nothing quick about a driving tour of Manhattan.  In fact, it was barely a tour.  That said, I did get to see a couple things I had not seen when I visited NYC myself many years ago.  I will also note that if one were to go back to Manhattan on a vacation of some sort on a future date, one would have to say that driving would not be the preferred way to get there.

Traffic was nuts.  Tolls were plenty.  We spent $52 in tolls just between New Jersey and New York alone.  Crazy.  That said, I am kind of glad we did it just to say we did it.  It really delayed our trip though and, with Peyton, may not have been the smartest idea.

The scenery was plentiful on day 2 of our trip.  There were tons of bridges and tunnels that we either took or passed.  There were also plenty of famous landmarks to see.  Here's a quick tour of our second travel day.

We traveled through the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel as well as the Lincoln Tunnel leading to Manhattan from New Jersey.  We crossed the Delaware Memorial Bridge (lower left) and saw plenty of other bridges around Manhattan.

Washington, DC Landmarks included the Washington Monument, The Pentagon, The Jefferson Memorial, and the Capitol building.

Some of the many sites we took in on our tour of Manhattan.

I promise you that there will be plenty to tell about our trip to Boston, but I wanted to share the journey with you.  Our family does not get to take family vacations...at all.  It just can't happen with us.  It's logistically not realistic for us.  If it weren't for the medical reasons behind our trip, this wouldn't have happened.  I hope you enjoy your little tour with us!

{And for the record, nearly every picture you will see from this trip was taken by me through the window of a moving vehicle.  There was no stopping to get out and sight-see along the way.}

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