Monday, August 20, 2012

A Boston Tale - Part 1

I am back!!

Before I go any further, I want to take a moment to extend much thanks and gratitude to my wonderful guest-posters who graced my blog for the past nine days:

Kassi from Truly Lovely
Jac from babEblessings
Bonnie from Mrs. Bonn Bonn {a little bit of this and that}
Jenny from The NY Melrose Family
Tiffany from Mrs. Pate Writes
Noel from Noel's Beautiful Life
Janae from Gourmet by Janae
Mandee from Life, Chaos and Quotes
Carly from Texas Lovebirds

I sincerely appreciate these ladies for stepping up and filling in for me while my family and I traveled to Boston.  We were gone from home for 9 days.  This is unheard of for us, particularly lately, since Peyton is has so many medical challenges.  However, the purpose of the trip was to address these challenges, so we went!  I did not feel like I would have very much time to spend online - and I was correct.  I checked in on Twitter and Facebook a little bit, but right now I am about as out of the loop as I could possibly be!

I appreciate you, my readers, for your support during my absence.  I am so grateful to you for checking in to read these wonderful posts that I had lined up for you before I left town.  If you missed a couple of the posts {or all for that matter!}, just click on the links for each blogger mentioned and it will bring you directly to their guest post.

There is seriously so much to tell about this trip, so I'm going to break it up for you.  Today I thought it would be fun just to share some images of the journey up there.

Peyton and Moira settled in for the long trip which would take us 2 days.
Because Peyton has so many medical issues, she has a lot of equipment that we absolutely must bring with us.  It's not even remotely close to optional.  We have a Ford Edge.  It was going to be a very tight squeeze and we might have had to cut back on what the rest of us could bring.  A wonderful couple from church very graciously offered us the use of their Chrysler Town & Country minivan for the trip.  We made the swap on the 10th and it was absolutely amazing how everything fit!  Next vehicle: minivan...and it must have under-floor storage too.

We left Charleston, SC on the 11th and just returned on the 19th.  We traveled through South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts on this trip.  Four of those states were new ones for me to pass through.

States we went through on August 11th
Somewhere in the state of Virginia marked the half-way point of our journey.  We made a very special stopover here.  I really have to share it with you!!

Do you recognize who I am with??  I hope you do!!  If you don't, then you need to know that I am standing with the one and only Kelly from The Houtz House Party!!  I was so super excited to get to experience the party for myself!  I met Kelly through this great big bloggy world and I have just loved her and her blog since I found out about her.  She is an awesome lady and when we were invited to stay with her family on our way up, I was so excited.  The stopover was perfect - it put us literally at exactly the half-way point.  Unfortunately, we were a bit delayed getting to her place because of having to deal with horrible rain through North Carolina and then traffic issues much of the day.

Kelly is just as sweet and amazing in person as she is online.  If you haven't gotten to know her yet, you should!  She and her family are just as awesome as can be.  She has four sweet little ones.  Such cuties!!  We enjoyed a really great dinner with them and Kelly and I stayed up pretty late talking.  We spent a bit of time visiting in the morning before we had to hit the road again.

My only regrets: not having enough time to spend with Kelly and not taking enough pictures {or doing a vlog or some other crazy thing}.  Next time!!  Thank you so much, Kelly, for opening your home up to us.  It must have seemed like we were moving in with all the stuff we had to bring with us.  All that stuff packed into the car - yeah, all of that had to come in the house, even if it was for less than 24 hours.  It is not easy traveling with Peyton, but they had a great space for our family which made it really easy to deal with all that baggage!

I know I have so much more to share with you, and I could go on and on here, but I will spare you that for today!!  I really just wanted to express thanks all the way around the blogosphere - to those ladies who guest posted for me while I was gone, and for Kelly and her hospitality while we were on the road!  Thank you all!!

More Boston posts ahead...stay tuned!

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