Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Prayer for Housing

Our apartment lease is up on September 18th.  We have been in this apartment complex since August 15, 2004.  We have called three different apartments within this complex "home" over the past nearly four years.  We moved to the area never having been before.  Sure, Ron came down for a job interview, but he didn't get to see the area or look for housing while we were here.  We moved down about a month after his interview.  We found this apartment complex online.  It was brand new.  So brand new that our building wasn't released from construction yet and they had to put us up in a tiny studio apartment in their main building for 8 days until it was!

We knew housing was significantly more expensive here than it was in Houston.  This apartment complex certainly reflects that.  The area we live in is beautiful.  And the residents pay a hefty sum to call this area home.  We really didn't know anything when we moved here except that these apartments were very nice and very close to Ron's work, which was a plus because we are a single-car family.  We arrived by car in the middle of the night, so it wasn't until the light of day when we could full appreciate just how beautiful this area is!  The homes here are gorgeous and anyone who is fortunate to own one of them...well, God bless them for having that ability!  We don't.

While our apartment is quite nice, it is most definitely not worth the rent being charged.  It really never has been.  I am not entirely sure why we've stayed here for four years when the smarter decision would have been to do what we are now doing...a lot sooner!  The management office slipped us a note announcing what our new rent would be should we choose to renew our lease.  That was enough to force our decision to leave this apartment complex.  The increase last year was bad.  It will be twice as bad if we stick around.  It's really sad that the company feels that they can charge the rates they are charging.  Whether it's in our price range or not is irrelevant.  Even the utility costs on top of the rent here seem exorbitant.

All that said, we've been looking around at a nearby townhome community.  It's just north of us and it is filled with rentals.  Lots of people own, but anytime I look on Craigslist, there's at least 8-10 units that people are trying to rent.  Of course, it's early July, and it seems a tad early to be looking, except we have to give notice to the apartment on the 18th of this month.  I hadn't checked Craigslist in a few days or so, but decided to on Friday.  Right there was a 3 bedroom {which is our goal with this move} which is over $400/month cheaper than where we are right now!  Ron called immediately and we went to see it Saturday morning.  Friends, I want this place.  It's a young family - the guy works at the same place as Ron.  His wife used to...and Ron knew who she was already.  
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The master bedroom is downstairs {see photo below this paragraph}.  That would become Peyton's room because of her being in a wheelchair - if we can't have a single story, then a 2 story would have to have a downstairs master for us to consider it.  The downstairs is hardwoods.  This is also ideal considering her wheelchair.  You have no idea how nasty her carpet is in her room.  Between it being a high high traffic area since we're always in here and have nurses and other people in and out all the time, it's a mess and no amount of cleaning will restore it.  Two bedrooms are upstairs.  The master has its own bathroom which, again, is an ideal set up for Peyton.  It's 1,360 sf which is about what we have now, but the layout is far more efficient in the townhome and it has 3 bedrooms not 2 like what we have now.
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Here's the thing.  The couple is buying a house elsewhere.  Everything hinges on their ability to get their financing set up.  They should know by the end of this week how that will pan out.  If it's a go for them, it's a go for us.  If not, then we still have time to keep on looking.  But this would be perfect if we could get into this place.
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

So we are praying hard for this to work out.  I am asking if you could, could you spare a prayer or two for this?  I am specifically praying for that family that their finances will be in order for them to move.  That, in turn, will allow us to move into this space come September.  I suspect they wouldn't be looking for renters if they weren't fairly certain that everything will pan out.  Still, that is my prayer. We have to have someplace to live in September.  It would really be just perfect if this worked out.  It really would be a much needed break if this situation were resolved this easily.

I know that it will all work out the way it's supposed to, but it would be nice to have the peace of mind - especially the financial peace of mind that will come with knowing that we'll be set with a lease that will allow us to accelerate our debt reduction and allow us to begin saving for our own home in the not terribly distant future!

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