Thursday, July 12, 2012

Meet Ernestine Edna and Her Really Big Ideas!

Today I want to introduce you to my featured sponsor, Ernestine Edna and Her Really Big Ideas!  This is another new-to-me blog and I'm really excited to share her with you!  I love the name of her blog, don't you?  In case you are curious about where her blog name came from:

"Last year I decided to create an "alter ego" of sorts, and polled my friends to find out the names of their favorite aunts.  I selected the two names I thought sounded perfect together...and Ernestine Edna was born."
{borrowed from Ernestine Edna's "Who Is Ernestine Edna?" page on her blog!}

 I asked my lovely sponsor to share with my readers a bit about her blog and what's going on in her world:

Whenever I'm asked to tell "something about myself" my first thought is "I'm a working mom of two" because my children and my job have defined me for so long.  While I love my kids (ages 16 and 10) and I like my job, I'm realizing that I'm more than just an employee and a mom.  I'm the wife of a new police officer. I'm the daughter of an amazing mother who happens to have Alzheimer's disease.  I'm a prayer (something that has been developing for 40 years since I gave my heart to Jesus...but that I'm finally getting the hang of.)  I'm a cheerleader...not the pompons and kicking type...but the kind that says "YAY YOU! FOLLOW YOUR DREAM!" And I'm a blogger...

Ernestine Edna and her Really Big Ideas is about sharing stuff.  My in words and gifts and all that...but more importantly, other people's stuff...their creations, their dreams, their missions, their ministries, whatever I can to help the dreams of other people come true.

You can find me on twitter at @ernestineedna, on facebook, on my blog, and you can email me at ernestineedna{at}gmail{dot}com.

My Big Idea for July is Art Feeds, an organization I am passionate about...I'm raising $266 to give 7 kids art lessons for a YEAR...that's right, a YEAR!  Meg Bourne from Art Feeds is one of my personal heroes and I haven't even met her face to face!  My fundraiser is through Stay Classy...and here's a link.  If people can't give, that's fine...but spread the news...because it's awesome...donations from $1 - $266 are accepted :)  

Find out more about Stay Classy HERE.


I just love this!  I really hope that you did as well.  Please stop by Ernestine Edna and Her Really Big Ideas and show her some love and follow her on and her really big ideas!

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