Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Back To The Hospital We Go

I wrote the other day about how I spent my Saturday - how I had to take Peyton to the ER for various issues, and how those issues remained pretty much unresolved at the end of the day.  The one issue that should have been taken care of because of it's obvious problem was her g-j tube.

The tube had been leaking lately.  It was leaking even more the past few days.  To top it off, it completely clogged on Saturday morning.  While it unclogged before going to the ER, the leaking was still a problem worth going to the ER about since the radiologist who placed the tube had told me before that if it was leaking the way it was, that it was a problem and the tube should be changed out.  The ER docs and whoever the radiologist who was "on" over the weekend didn't see it that way.  I am no doctor, but even I knew it was supposed to be changed.

Since the issue was unresolved after the ER visit, I made a call to interventional radiology first thing Monday morning.  I spoke with one of the techs and explained what had happened.  He asked me to hold.  A minute later the doctor in radiology came on the phone!  In that time I waited, she'd already managed to pull up the x-rays done over the weekend.  I explained in detail how things went while in the ER.  She agreed with my assessment of the problem and asked me if we come come right down to radiology.  As soon as I got off the phone, I had the home nurse get Peyton ready to go.

Off we went, back to the hospital.  Can I just say that any trip out of the house is a big endeavor.  There is so much to bring.  Then there's the lifting of Peyton out of her wheelchair and into her car seat and back out into her chair.  Then there's the lifting of the wheelchair itself up into the back of our Ford Edge.  It's extremely heavy and awkward.  On Saturday, I braced myself to lift the chair up.  Lifting with the knees, not with the back.  Note that when you lift the chair you lift using a lot of effort.  Unfortunately, that great effort resulted in my slamming chair directly up into my ribs.  So now it is quite sore.  Even more sore now than when it happened a couple days ago!  So, yeah, trips out of the house are an effort.  And here we were making that trip...again.

We arrived at radiology and didn't have to wait too awfully long before being called back.  We had to wait just a little longer while in the room because the doctor had a quick procedure to do in the room next door.  Peyton's would take 20-30 minutes, so it was easier for her to take care of the other patient first.  It took her a little longer than anticipated, so Peyton just rolled around on the x-ray table.

Everything was set up and ready to go for her procedure.

Peyton likes to lay sideways in bed.  The same holds true for any type of bed or table - x-ray tables, gurneys, and so on.  She was having a good time just moving around and not being constrained in her wheel chair while we waited.

The procedure took about 20-30 minutes as planned.  Everything went well.  She was a little fussy as we were having to hold her still with her legs straightened out.  This was causing her hip some discomfort, so any fussing she did was related to that and not the procedure itself.  As the procedure involves inserting a wire that's at least 1' long down through the tube into her belly, removing the tube from her, and replacing it with a new one while guiding a part of the tubing into her upper intestines, I'm surprised the fussing was just from her hip!  I guess she's used to this.  She's been through this procedure many many times.

There is apparently a shorter life-span on this particular new tube that Peyton has.  They are seeing these issues with more kids than just her.  It's probably some sort of product defect, but in addition, they aren't holding up for much more than 10 weeks, so she'll be back in 10 weeks for her next tube replacement.

I am just so grateful for this doctor {who Peyton has seen before in radiology} and for her being in agreement with my assessment after Saturday's trip to the ER when no one else was...for this one particular part of the ER issues.  I'm grateful that the new tube is functioning well and is not leaking at all.  Most of all, I am beyond grateful that my husband and daughter will be home from Texas tomorrow afternoon.  The past 5 days have not been a vacation for me.  Not in the slightest.

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