Monday, June 18, 2012

Want to Sponsor in July?

It's that time of month again where people are looking for places to place their blog ads for the following month. I would LOVE to have you join The Fontenot Four in July! If you're interested, you can check out more details on my sponsor tab or purchase directly from the Passionfruit widget below!

The new extra large ad will begin on July 8th, however it will still be a 31 day ad - so you will not be short-changed there!  The next large ad spot opens June 30th and the next small ad purchase or swap is available June 29th!  I have 2 medium ads available right now - if you want in for the rest of June, you can use the promo code HALFJUNE to receive 50% off.  The ad will go up immediately and remain up for the rest of June.  If you would like a medium ad for July {full $6 price}, please specify that it is for the full month of July and I will ensure that the ad is configured appropriately!

Thanks so much for considering my blog as a place to sponsor!

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