Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Fun: Worship Week!

Last week, Moira had an opportunity to participate in "Worship Week" at our church.  Rather than doing a VBS, the church held a four-day camp called "Worship Week".  The camp was from 10am - noon from Monday through Thursday and for $25 {I know, a steal, right??}.  When we registered Moira, we had the chance to select one activity for the week.  We could choose from art, drama, photography, and voice.  Leaders within our church taught in each area.  We signed Moira up for art.  She loves to draw and paint, so we thought this was perfect for her.  On Thursday evening, there was a "worship week showcase" held.  The children's artwork was on display and each group had an opportunity to display the things that they learned during the week.  

We had a nurse at home for Peyton while Moira was at her camp, so I took the opportunity on three of the four days to just sit in the cafe are of the church and do some work.

Normally this is a bustling area on the weekends, but during this past week it was pretty quiet.  I didn't have any particular errands to run, so I just took a seat at one of those high tables on the left and set up my laptop and paperwork and got to work!  I had to do several hours of paperwork in order to complete a review application for Peyton's medicaid.  By Thursday at noon, I'd gotten everything done!

Here is a little pictorial of Moira's work that she accomplished during Worship Week!

 One of the teachers was April {Worship Artist Ministries}.  I don't know if you are familiar with the concept of scripturedoodles, but April is the one behind that.  You can find out more at the scripturedoodles blog here.  The kids were given journals, created for the purpose of making their own scripturedoodles.  They got to design the cover themselves.  Inside is the scripture doodle they created on the first day.
They learned about drawing a self-portrait.  They were taught about proportions and how to draw their portrait using them!  They first worked on a pencil crayon sketch.
And then they transferred that image into a painted version!

This is Moira in front of her artwork which was displayed at the Worship Week Showcase Thursday evening.
Her portrait on display.

They also had done a pencil crayon sketch of a scripturedoodle.  They painted those on canvas as well! 

 This is Moira with the lovely April!
I think Moira had a good time.  What do you think??

A huge thank you to Seacoast Church for organizing this wonderful opportunity.  It was really neat to see so many kids participating in all of these various arts!  It would be awesome next summer if there was more than one week!! :)

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