Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Fun: Futsal

Moira's spring soccer season ended a while back.  The league she plays in does not have a summer season, which suits us just fine since we live in South Carolina.  The end of the spring season was pretty hot as it was!  While we wait on the next season, Moira's team is playing futsal.

What is futsal, you ask?

Well, essentially, it is indoor soccer.  However, you can click here for more detailed information.  There are some different rules, so I imagine it takes some getting used to - between the rules, the actual ball, and the playing field.  The girls are playing at an indoor gym.  This athletic complex has many facilities and the gym is set up as a basketball court, so that's the size "field" they are playing on.  There are only 3 teams in their division, so we'll be playing the same teams over and over for the summer.

The Dynamite had their first game on Saturday.  They lost 7-1, but they played hard.  The game is fast moving and the lighting in the gym is not really conducive to taking great pictures.  I tried.  Here are some shots from the game.  Moira is #3.  As you can clearly see, she is now officially the shortest girl on the team {it was close between her and #1 in the spring season}.  #1 has overtaken Moira.  She's younger than Moira.  Poor Moira - she's 8 but she's in the 10th percentile for height as of her well-child exam in March.  Praying for a growth spurt for my sweet little size 6x girl!

So, this is just one of our summer activities we have going on right now.  I'm hoping to bring you lots more photos of all the other fun stuff we will be doing over the summer holidays!

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