Monday, June 18, 2012

Meet The Spontaneous Designer!

I love giving sponsors the opportunity to do guest posts on my blog from time to time.  It's one thing to do introductory posts for my sponsors, but I think giving them the chance to write a guest post gives my readers a better opportunity to really meet the blogger since they get a brief sampling of that blogger's writing style.  Today you get the chance to hear from one of my medium featured sponsors, Cassie!


Howdy!  I'm Cassie aka The Spontaneous Designer and I blog over at The Spontaneous Designer {among other places}.  TSD is my indie biz blog focusing on owning a handmade shop and blogging!  You will find tips, tricks, tutorials & so much more - so pop on over and say hello!

Today I wanted to reveal my secret about pictures. Before you run away you don't have to have a fancy super awesome camera for this.  In fact I take all of my pictures on my cell phone.  Yes you read that right - my android cell phone is where all the picture taking action goes down.  While I wish I did have a fancy super awesome camera, I don't so I learned how to use my phone camera the best I could.  I'm going to share a few tips with yall today!

For up close pictures use the manual button.  Auto just doesn't always cut it and you can't take a picture like the one below on your phone on auto - at least you can't on my phone.

Angle it up. If one angle isn't working for you try another one.  You'll be surprised at what that slight move will do for your picture.

Snap it near a window.  Natural lighting is the best lighting.  If you can't go outside or don't want to - take your pictures near a window.  Let that natural light stream through.

So those are the few of the things I do with my cell phone camera!  Hoped this help some!  Thanks so much Sarah for having me here today!


Thanks,  Cassie, for sharing these great tips with us today!  I wish I had a camera phone that took great pictures like yours!!

Please be sure to visit Cassie over at The Spontaneous Designer and show her some love!

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