Thursday, June 7, 2012

Looking Up and Giving Thanks

If you were around my blog yesterday, you saw that I am currently running a massive blogiversary giveaway.  If you somehow did not know about the giveaway, then please head on over there and enter!  There's tons of prizes and many many ways to enter.

While starting the giveaway yesterday, I was also simultaneously running my weekly Thankful Thursday post.  If you are new to my blog, this is a weekly post that I write in which I give thanks for the blessings in my life - even the hard know...the things you really have to dig for because you've had a difficult time lately??  I have met so many wonderful ladies through this link up.  And while the number of link ups is relatively small compared to some link ups out there, I am grateful for each and every person who links up.  The number of link ups is manageable for me.  I really try my hardest to read every one of them and comment back to the blogger on their post.  Forgive me if there are times I miss.  I just want you to know that even if I don't get to reach out one week like I want to, I always give thanks for you for linking up with me.

There are many Thankful Thursday link ups out there - just check the bottom of my Thankful Thursday posts where I list all the places I'm linking up with.  When I did my very first Thankful Thursday blog on 7/28/11, it wasn't a link up.  I began calling it a link up shortly thereafter but had little turnout for it.  I redesigned it some weeks later and yesterday's post marked my 30th consecutive week of giving thanks in the current format!  Although, as I said, I've been doing this weekly since 7/28/11!!

Why do I do this week after week?

To me, it is so important to at least try to see the goodness and the blessings in all circumstances.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 (NLT)
Be thankful in all circumstances,
for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.

 I try each and every week to share with you the things that I am grateful for.  Not just for the purpose of having a blog post each week, but truly as a way to remind myself and to refresh my own memory about what I need to be thankful for!  As I said, there are so many weeks in this season of my life where it can be fairly challenging to come up with a single thing - yet there are always many things to give thanks for.

Thanksgiving isn't just a once a year holiday celebrated in some countries.  It's an act of gratitude we display so as to glorify God for what He has given to us.  Nothing we have would be ours were it not for Him.  We honor Him when we give thanks.

Why should you write a "thankful" post?

I'm not saying you have to.  Certainly not.  And I'm not condemning you if you don't!!  I just find that the more you take time out to purposely reflect on a period of time, the more likely it is that you will become in tune with the blessings that surround you.  Sometimes they can be really hard to see.  Trust me.  I still miss the blessings.  A lot.  I miss seeing things more than I ought to.  It's the practice of giving thanks here on my blog that has gotten me into a routine of thinking of how God has blessed me in the past week.  In truth, I should be writing a thankful post each and every day, not just once a week, but that might be a bit excessive on the blog.  So in my heart, I must become more intentional about reflecting on things daily so that I don't lose sight of all that the Father has done for me.

I've had a really rough past couple of weeks.  In person, I know it has shown to some.  There are situations where I can mask it, but in others I drop the mask because it's too much effort to keep it on.  I was out to lunch with my huddle group from church yesterday.  I can't comment on the situation the four of us were discussing, but there was a great challenge being faced {not by me} and our leader made such wise observances on the situation.  I can only hope and pray to be able to speak the light and truth and wisdom one day that she speaks with.  Essentially what she said was that we need to keep looking up, not down.  When we look up, we are focusing on God who has our back.  When we look down, on the other hand, all we see are the trees and the weeds and the mess of the situation.  I felt like this analogy could be used in many ways, but in terms of thankfulness, I believe that when we are going through a difficult season, we should focus our efforts upwards, towards God.  If we can just allow Him to have our back {we tend to have difficulty relinquishing control over our life situations sometimes, don't we??}, we might be able to see all the goodness and the blessings that He has bestowed on us. If we can do that, then maybe it will make our passage through those trees and weeds and the mess of life that much easier.

Thank God for wonderful friends who have far more wisdom than I, so that I can reflect on my own situation and learn and grow and try to make improvements where they are so necessary right now.

Thank you to you for coming here and listening to what I have to say day after day, week after week.  You are appreciated very much!  I hope you know that!

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