Friday, June 1, 2012

It's Been a Year!

If you cross-reference with the archives on this blog, you'll probably be shaking your head wondering who taught me math since my first post was in March 2010.  The thing is, when I first began, it was for my husband and I.  That's it.  Yep, my husband is a contributing author on this blog.  Bet you didn't know that!  He wrote this.  The rest of  the posts have been all mine!

I began this little blog at a time when things were very difficult for me.  Peyton's health was not good {let's face it, it still isn't}.  We were coming out of a very challenging season with my mother having passed away the year before and Peyton had been in and out of the hospital countless times.  We were to the point of having to make decisions about DNR orders for her.  It was a horrible season.  The burden we were under was enormous.  I found myself slipping further and further down into this pit of negativity.

I had to put the brakes on.

I decided that I could write about my thoughts and feelings - the positive ones only!  I thought that if I could write about the positive - the joys and blessings in my life - that maybe I could take this world of negativity I was in and turn it on its end and get out of the pit I was in.

I'm pretty sure it worked.
It's a work in progress, but I'm a different person today because of this blog.

After writing for a while, I thought that maybe I could use my blog as a means to encourage others.  I'm no professional, but I've been through a lot.  What if something I've been through and wrote about could help someone else?  What if something I had to say actually made a difference to someone else.  I decided to step out in faith and go "public".  It was in June 2011 that I wrote a guest post for Naptime Diaries and my blog sort of took off from there!

The first post I wrote in June 2011 was called Trust In The Lord.  I still lean on that post today.

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