Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Introducing: The Adding Bliss Journal

This month I decided to ad a sponsor option which is for an extra large ad spot which is 250x250.  The idea behind this spot is that there will be only ONE ad of that size, allowing that sponsor to stand out on its own for 31 days.  You can check out the details here if you are interested.  The next spot opens up July 8th!

My very first extra large featured sponsor is The Adding Bliss Journal.  I would love for you all to meet Michelle!

 The Adding Bliss is actually a project through Kickstarter wherein Michelle is seeking to promote funding and pre-sale of The Adding Bliss Journal.

What is The Adding Bliss Journal?

Per Michelle's press release, "The Adding Bliss Journal or ABJ is a goal oriented journal aimed at a more creative mind. Most people have the desire to keep a journal but staring at a blank page with pen in hand can be a little daunting. The ABJ is the perfect solution. It's structured so you have a place to start, but it's unstructured so you can be creative."

I know that I love to journal, but I do feel that way when I try to put pen to paper.  Michelle explains further, "On the first few pages you list your long-term goals in 6 different areas of life: Spiritual Bliss, Chronological Bliss, Physical Bliss, Intellectual Bliss, Financial Bliss & Relationship Bliss . It could be 1 year, 5 years or your entire life. Then daily, you make a list of at least one thing you will do on that particular day to accomplish that goal in all six categories; and when you do that thing, cross it out.  There is also space for free writing & opposite each page is graph paper for more writing, making lists, sketching or whatever you feel like using it for. There’s also an appendix with useful & inspiring quotes and affirmations."

“Writing in a journal has always seemed like homework to me. But The Adding Bliss Journal is not like a normal journal. It seems like a simple idea but it’s definitely different. Its actually fun. I think it can inspire a lot of women like me to take a little time out of our over-scheduled days... to step away from our computers and iPhones and sit down with pen and paper to express ourselves creatively. How many of us do that?” remarks Skye Gurney, Art & Photo Coordinator, TIME Magazine.

I'm excited to share this with you.  The project sounds great and I look forward to looking into it some more.  I hope that you will also check out the project.  You can find more information on The Adding Bliss Journal on Kickstarter here.  Anyone who backs this project and mentions The Fontenot Four will receive a special bonus reward form ABJ!

You can also find the Adding Bliss blog over here.  If you're on Facebook, you can also find an Adding Bliss page over there!  Swing by and "like" her page!  

I look forward to sharing more about The Adding Bliss Journal with you!
The Adding Bliss Journal: What will be your 6 things today?


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