Monday, June 4, 2012

Guest Post: Meet Kristina - Organic Mami!

Hi friends!  I have invited a friend over here today to share with you!  You may know her already.  Kristina blogs over at From City Corporate To Suburb Mama.  She is a relatively new-to-me blogger and also a shop-owner.  I asked Kristina if she would like to come on over and share a bit about herself with you!  So, here she is!!


Hi Lovely Ladies! I'm so thrilled that Sarah asked me to come over and share a little bit about my new etsy shop.

When Lucas, our youngest son who is 1, started getting eczema, back a year ago this month, I determined that I would do everything in my power to use things that were not harmful to his skin. There's something about putting lots of lotion on a tender baby's skin that makes you want to read the ingredients to see what's going on his skin. What I found, I didn't like and I wasn't comfortable putting all that cream and steroids (doctor recommended) on his very sensitive skin.

I went online and found hard lotion. It's mostly made from things you can actually eat and with the ingredient list being a total of 3-4 ingredients, all I could recognize without the use of a dictionary, I felt much more comfortable applying it to his skin several times a day. I made my first batch with a DIY kit and mostly loved it,  but found that it was a bit too hard for me to rub onto his skin quickly. You know how babies can be, they won't sit still very long so it took too long for the hard lotion to get soft enough to get it to spread over his skin before he was "over it" :)

So, I started experimenting with my own. It's still very much solid lotion, but not as hard. It doesn't take nearly the body heat to spread over the skin as the hard lotion I originally tried. We love it. We use it for everything from callouses on feet to chapped lips to his eczema on both legs and face. And, not only do I feel good about the ingredients, it also works!! His skin feels so much better and there's less itch when I use it on him! Everyone I've shared it with also really likes it and I got to thinking...

...why not?

So...without further introduction, I'd like to present to you

My Esty shop!!! :)

I would love to offer you wonderful readers a 20% off code of JUNE20 valid through the end of the month. And, if you have a blog and would be interested in doing a review/giveaway, I'd love that, too! Just contact me and we'll set it up! :)

Thanks again so much, Sarah, for letting me share on here about something that is near and dear to my heart and something exciting for our family!


I just want to say thank you, Kristina, for coming by and sharing with us here today!  I know I am excited about her shop.  Aren't you??  Please stop by her shop and let us know which product you're excited about!!  And then swing by her blog and show her some love there!

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