Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Guest Post: Meet Joanna of ModaMama!

Hi friends!
Yesterday, you had a chance meet Joanna from ModaMama in my featured sponsor intro post.  Today you get to visit a little more with her as she is taking over my blog for the day!  I'm really excited to share her with you.  I'm also very grateful for the guest post as I have my dad visiting and I have been really limiting my time on the computer!  Having Joanna here today has made things simpler for me ~ so thank you Joanna!!  I  hope you love her post and that you will visit her over in her corner of the blogosphere!

Hey guys! I'm Joanna from ModaMama, and the first thing I should say is that I totally suck at writing introductions.  It's such an awkward concept for me to write to you trying to say,"  Hey, here's what I do.  Here's how cool I am."  Mostly 'cause I'm sooo not cool.  I'm an actor, sci-fi nerd, drama geek who acts and host a tv show for a living, plays with swords (I do kung fu) and gets all giggle over a ruffled dress.  See?  So not cool.  I'd say I'm the opposite of cool, except that would be hot, and that would just be awkward.  So....anyway, yup. *awkward pause*  Howdy, do!

I guess what's relevant is that ModaMama is my own personal style blog.  It's where I play, and dress up, and feel like it's for some special reason other than going to playgroup.  And yes, I have worn a maxi leopard print dress to play group, why do you ask? 

Trust me, that got some looks, but I'm used to it *have I mentioned the not-cool thing?*  So yeah, I basically use you guys as my huge excuse to get dressed up, spend whatever disposable income I have on clothes, and take pictures, lots of pictures.  But my I say, that my readers are such a wonderful excuse indeed! 

Sometimes I also go to things like film premieres and theatre galas, and I take pictures of what I wear to that too. 

Sometimes, I jump at the chance because really, where else are you going to where this jumper?  You know, I'd really wear that to a coffee date too. I'm kind of weird that way.  I like to dress up and be as glamorous as possible.  You only go around once right? 

But mostly, and if you stop by you'll see this a lot, I wear dress, after dress, after dress.  I really haven't met a dress I haven't liked yet. 

Oh, but I should warn you.  If you stop by, you'll get a lot of "sassy sarcasm" as one reader put it, and mostly about this little diva and her Papa.

Thanks for reading!  Hope to see you over at ModaMama!



Thanks again, Joanna, for guest posting here today!  I really appreciate it.
And please, friends, take a moment to go and show Joanna some love over at ModaMama!

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