Monday, May 21, 2012

You Are Valuable

There are days when I feel down;
days filled with negative emotions towards my self-image.
There are times when I ponder the value that I have...
when compared to the perceived value of another.
Thoughts invade the recesses of my mind,
spinning a web of lies the enemy would love for me to believe...
if only he could gain a strong foothold.

But I am a child of God.
He knows there is a great need to battle against these thoughts.
I must remain strong, even when I feel I can't.
He will always be there as comforter, protector, and strength.
Today, tomorrow and always.
Because He created me.
He knows me.
And loves me.
I have value above all other things.

The most encouraging part of this
is that you are also loved by Him,
and you have value above all other things.

Don't ever forget that!

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