Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Switching Gears

As Memorial Day draws closer, so too is the end of the school year.  I don't know when your kids' last day of school is {or was for some of you!}, but for us the last day is Friday, June 1st.

As that day approaches, I have to say the thought of summer overwhelms me.  I have so much going on with Peyton all the time.  Even when there is a nurse here, my mind is full of concern for her.  I love Moira to bits, don't misunderstand, but as a result of everything going on in our lives, I sadly wind up not spending near as much time with her as I would like to.  I could go into detail about all of that which would give you a better understanding of where I'm at in the season we are in right now, but that's for another time.

This summer is about me being far more intentional about spending time with Moira.  I do spend time with her, but it's time spent where I'm often just thoroughly exhausted and have zero energy to spare.

 So what will we do this summer??
I'm still trying to figure things out but here's what I'm thinking.

It's going to be getting freakishly hot here and I don't derive a whole lot of pleasure out of sweating buckets in 100+ degree heat.  BUT until the really hot weather hits, I'm sure we can frequent some of the parks nearby.  I could drag out my ancient bike so we can go ride on the trails that are all over the island here.  {and if you happen to click on that link, NO, we don't live in one of the gigantor homes pictures on the site - we are in an apartment!}  There are other parks we could drive to.

Then there's the beach.  We have beaches so close to home.  Sadly, I seldom go.  I'm hoping to change that this summer, especially since it was announced that our Sisterhood women's ministry at church is doing a "Beach Reach" this summer each Thursday from 10:30am - 1:00pm {I think}.  I am so horrible about holding back from going places when I am not going to know anyone.  At least with this summer-long opportunity, I will know people!

Then there are other local field trip opportunities which aren't so free like the South Carolina Aquarium, or the Children's Museum of the Lowcountry {still haven't been there yet}.  I'm also thinking perhaps a road trip to Columbia to Riverbanks Zoo might have to happen.

A couple years ago I heard about an awesome summertime activity.  Of course, I found out about it late, so didn't participate but one or two times.  It was a free movie at a local theater on two specific days of the week with two specific not-current kids movies playing.  The following year {last year}, they began charging $1 admission.  The concessions are available {full price}.  This year, it's $1 movies again!  If you are local {Charleston, SC area}, here's the info for the schedule at the Palmetto Grande.  In case you live in an area with theaters that are part of Regal Entertainment Group, click here to find a listing of participating theaters and from there you will have to search out your own local theaters for their schedules.  So, starting June 5th, every Tuesday and Wednesday is $1 movie time!!

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And one last thing...
I enrolled Moira in a worship arts camp at church for one week in June!!  I'm so excited about this.  {She is too, by the way!}  It's $25 for a Monday through Thursday camp.  It's 10am - 12pm only but it's $25!!  They're offering instruction in dance, voice, art, etc.  You choose one.  Then on the Thursday night, they're having a little exhibition of what your children have been up to during the week!  Isn't that cool?!?!  So excited!

So what are your plans for the summer for your kids?
I'd love to hear some ideas!


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