Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Large Featured Sponsors - Some Great Reads!

As May is coming to a close, I wanted to share with you a few favorite posts from my featured sponsors.  I enjoy their blogs and I hope you will as well!

If you are looking for recipes, you need to check out Mamal Diane: Keeping it Simple. She posted a crock pot recipe for Whole Chicken with Garlic and Thyme that looks so yummy.

What can I say...I love Mama Marchand!!  I just love her heart.  And she has the most adorable little girl ever.  I absolutely love how Tricia keeps it real with us and how she shares with her readers the fun stuff but isn't afraid to share the "other" stuff too.  This month, I especially loved her post entitled "Double Chins & Poofy Bellies".

Courtney at Baxtron{Life} is another one of my faves.  She's another blogger who keeps it real.  I don't know about you, but that's something I really value and appreciate!  I loved her Coffee Date post in which she shares some of life's sweet moments as well as some of her inner concerns.  I loved this post!

If you haven't met Amanda from Royal Daughter Designs, what on earth are you waiting for??  I love this lady.  If you love giveaways, then RDD is the place to be in May!  She's been hosting a ton of giveaways in honor of her birthday this month.  I even won one!  Ok, granted, she's not going to be hosting giveaways every day forever, so aside from all that fun, you can find Amanda blogging a lot about what's on her heart.  I love her post called "Evenings".  Did you know Amanda designed this little blog of mine??

Kelli from Eat Pray Read Love is another lady you just have to meet.  She has been alongside me in this blogging journey since not long after I started blogging about a year ago.  This pastor's wife and mama of 3 {soon to be 4!} is another lady who keeps it real!  She blogs about life, recipes, family, being frugal, and so on.  I loved her Mother's Day post in which she prayed for those who just aren't gushing over the day like everyone else seems to.

Those are just some of my fave reads from May from these lovely ladies.  I encourage you to go and check them out for yourself!  You can find their buttons on my right side bar!

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