Friday, May 11, 2012

Meet My May Ad Swaps

I want to give a big welcome to all my May ad swappers!  There are lots of familiar faces, but I am excited to share several new ones with you this month!  

I have a lot of swappers this month.  You may wonder why.  You may think, man, she's got way too many buttons on her blog.  I don't know - maybe...maybe not.  The way I look at this right now is that this is a wonderful blogging community where there are people who can help other people grow their blogs.  I don't know about you, but I don't have a massive budget for advertising my blog on the "big blogs" to drive traffic to this site.  I've had a few ad sales, for which I am truly blessed, but it's not my mission to charge high prices for advertising so I can earn a living at this.  No, I want to help you out.  So whether you choose to purchase an ad or to swap, know that I am grateful for you just for being here!  Each one of these swaps represents a blogger who I am trying to give exposure to here on my blog, but by reciprocating, they are giving exposure to my blog over on theirs!  This, in turn, hopefully helps all of my sponsors and swappers out as well!  Also, I love meeting new people, and this month I've got an awesome group to share with you!  You can click on any of their buttons below to get to their blog, or you can click on their ad over on the sidebar!

Welcome to my lovely swap friends!
{note these are in completely random order}


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