Sunday, May 27, 2012

Farewell Second Grade!

 As I shared in another post, school will soon be out.  Friday, June 1st at 10:30 am, Moira gains her freedom from school for the summer!  To celebrate, the second grade classes had a picnic at "Pirate Park", which is a great park with a beautiful lake, around which are found some absolutely gorgeous homes. Moira's school is just down the road from the park.  Families were welcome to attend, so Ron and I went.  I am sure it meant a lot to Moira to have us both present for her {even if she spent most of her time running around playing with her friends}.  I thought I'd share some pictures from the picnic.

I just love the landscape her.  Lots of palms and lush greenery surround the park.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day.

I have to say, Moira was pretty good at hula hooping!
Ron said all those years of Wii Fit finally paid off! 

Moira with her best friend and her teacher.

The classes lined up and filled their plates with chips and Subway subs.  Moira doesn't like subs, so she had a lunch of Doritos.  Parents were allowed to eat, so at least we got her $5 worth!

After lunch, they had organized some games for the classes, starting with a friendly old water balloon toss.

Then it was time for tug of war.  Moira's class won.

I think Moira was pretty pleased with the results of the showdown!

And then the kids played some more.
This is the reason why they call it "Pirate Park"!

At some point during the picnic, Moira thought it would be fun to take her Daddy into the trees to show him where there were snake holes.  Um.  Ok.  The kids were allowed to be dismissed early right from the picnic, so I took Moira home and Ron returned to work.  A little while after we got home, Moira came to me to show me a little half-dollar sized rash on her right ankle.  She said it stung when she touched it.  I'm guessing it's that real sensitive skin feeling where it hurts to touch - you know what I mean??  Later in the evening I began going through the pictures from the day and I kind of laughed when I saw this one, because there she is leaning over scratching the very spot where this rash appeared.  Wonder what happened!

So all we have left is a few days and Moira will be finished with second grade!
So proud of my big girl!!

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