Saturday, May 19, 2012

Daily Wisdom Challenge 2012 - Week 20

On January 1, I began my second-ever year long bible study.Our pastor calls it the "Daily Wisdom Challengeor the "Twitter Bible Study".

The purpose is to engage in a reading plan for a year, and each day, post insight from your reading in 140 characters or less.

Here is what I learned this past week:
{links included for the scripture referenced only}

Prov 15: 9-10 It is far better for you to pursue a godly life and accept discipline in order to remain on the right path than to stray and look to the wicked for what they see as right.

John 8:24 If we do do not believe in Him,there is no redemption for our sins. Without that we die in our sins.

John 8:34 Jesus is truth and life. Belief in him will set us free. The longer we deny him, the longer we remain in bondage by our sin.

John 9:3 Babies aren't born with special needs because of divine retribution. God uses them so others might see Him through them. He has a plan.

John 10:10 The Lord promotes goodness and life. Anything promoting the opposite is surely not of Him. Guard against that!

Prov 15:21 As we travel on the right path we must guard ourselves from the worldly/foolish things that may cause us to stray.

Ps 117:2 Always remember that the love of the Lord is unfailing and will be with you forever!

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