Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back To Work

The last time I worked for a paycheck was around May of 2008.  Everything with Peyton was becoming too complex to even consider continuing to work outside the home a moment longer.  Do I "work" now - you bet I do!  I just don't have the luxury of having it recognized in my bank account every couple of weeks.  Having lost an income, it's amazing to see how slow everything becomes.  The ability to pay down debts, the ability to rid yourself of some bills, the financial freedom to do even some little things on a whim.

It was a real blessing for us that I received an email with an opportunity to pick up a short term part time job.  It's only for this week, but I thought a) we could really use this, and b) it sounds like fun.  So, today I actually went out to work for the first time in four years!  The job is in a flower shop.  It would be awesome to say it looked just like this one, but wouldn't it be cool to work in a place like this??

Several people responded to this email saying they'd take the manager up on the job opportunity.  You see, this florist is responsible for making 850ish bouquets for the female graduates from College of Charleston this Saturday, as well as 400+ butonnieres for the male graduates.  I'm of several people who will be working to make sure this happens this weekend!

I was amazed this morning.  I walked into the front of the shop and it was very nice and small like most flower shops seem to be.  I was brought to the back and was stunned by how big the back of the shop was!  I don't know what I was expecting, but what I saw was far more than I imagined.  I don't know how it compares to other places, so don't know if this was ginormous or just a typical back-end to a flower shop.  Outside of weddings and funerals, I have never seen so many flowers all at once.

Source: via Diane on Pinterest

It was only six hours, but I am totally wiped out right now as I type this Tuesday night.  The work was non-stop!  That's a good thing though.  When I arrived, we spent the first while cutting the ribbons which will eventually go on the bouquets.  Then we pulled bows for the next while, securing them with a white pipe cleaner.  My fingers are so sore from all the twisting of these pipe cleaners.

Then the roses came.

Oh my!  The roses!

The shop took delivery of
six thousand red roses
to be turned into bouquets.

It was incredible!

In addition to graduation, it's Mother's Day this weekend and they're prepping for six or seven weddings, so can you even imagine the flowers that are in this shop?!?!

We processed the roses yesterday and we will begin putting the bouquets together today.  There is a lot of work to get done over the next couple days.  I'll be missing Thursday, but I'll be there today, Friday and Saturday.  It should be fun seeing things come together!

Once it's done, I'll be through working for a while.
Then I will try to catch up on some sleep.
This work thing is exhausting!

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