Friday, April 13, 2012

The Ultimate Blog Party

I have been seeing this pop up on several blogs, so I looked into this and I'm IN!! I'm joining in the FUN with 5 Minutes for Mom, where they are hosting the Ultimate Blog Party!!

Here's the 411!

In 2007, Janice had this crazy idea to start something she called a “blog party”where Mom Bloggers would link up and “party” together in a blog carnival style, visiting each other’s sites and getting to know one another. Almost 1000 bloggers joined in and the annual Ultimate Blog Party was born.

In 2008, the UBP had over 1500 bloggers participating and in 2009, over 2000 bloggers participated, and in 2010 the number passed 2300 bloggers partying with us. In 2011, we had 3,000 partying with us.It just keeps growing.

The Ultimate Blog Party has not only grown in participating blogs (hitting right at 3,000 blogs in 2011), but it has also “grown” in the variety of ways online “partygoers” are connected in real life events — from live personal concerts featuring recording artist Chris Mann to webcast video chats and Twitter parties.Now you know!  Link up and get to know some great new blogs and bloggers!

There are all kind of categories to link up your blog, twitter, facebook, pinterest, etc.  What's not to love?!  If you're a small blogger like me, it sounds like a great opportunity to get your name out there!  And also to find other like-minded bloggers!

I'd like to introduce myself to those of you who are new here.
I am Sarah and I'm the one behind this blog!


I have been married to my husband {Ron} for almost 12 years.  Our anniversary is April 29th!

Together we have two beautiful daughters - Moira {just turned 8} and Peyton {5 - will be 6 in a few weeks}.  We also have two little angels waiting for us in heaven.  Jeffrey was stillborn in August 2001.  We also had an early miscarriage in 2002.

Life is crazy for us but that's ok!  We are a family of four living life as a "special needs family".  Peyton was born with multiple disabilities.  She is also medically fragile.  We deal with so many ongoing medical issues with her.  Day to day life is "normal" for us, but for the average family, it's probably far more challenging than most people could imagine.


I began this blog as a way of forcing myself to recount the blessings in my life at a time when I was so burdened by the increasing day to day challenges.  If it weren't for the fact that I stopped myself in my tracks to do this, I just don't know where I would be - both emotionally and spiritually - today.

In this blog, you will find me talking a lot about my faith journey.  I use this space to share the joys and blessings that are a part of my life as a result of the challenges and special needs that we face.  In the end, nothing I say is about me.  It's about God and the wonders that He can do in the midst of great struggle.

In addition to sharing my faith and family, I will occasionally share recipes, book reviews, and just general "life" things.  Every Thursday, I host a "Thankful Thursday" link up where I invite you to come by each week and share your stories about the things in life that you are thankful for.  I feel that it is so important to give God thanks and glory for all things and in all situations.  That is - be thankful not just in the good times, but in the difficult times too.  There's a challenge for you!

Welcome to my blog!
I hope you enjoy your time here.
I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you better!


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