Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Take Heart

Peyton had to go for her annual check up with the cardiologist today.  She saw one a few years ago to get a "base line" but then she developed a heart murmur again so it was recommended that we go back last year.  We did.  She had an echocardiogram and an EKG done.  All seemed relatively good - a pretty significant murmur but also a mild to moderate mitral valve prolapse was noted.  The doctor said as long as things remained unchanged, we were good to go for a year.

Today was the one-year return to the cardiologist.  She had an echocardiogram done again.  Ron prayed for us last night.  One of the many anomalies that Peyton has is that her heart sits almost directly behind the sternum and not slightly off to the side the way it should.  The sonographer said last year that it would make it exceedingly difficult to do an echo as she gets older and that bone thickens.  It would become impossible to see the heart with an ultrasound.  Well, I'm not sure what happened other than prayers being answered, but that issue wasn't even mentioned today!  Aside from dealing with a pretty squirmy child {see picture below}, the test was done with relative ease!  Praise God for small favors!! 

As for the current state of her heart, well, the murmur is still there and still pretty significant.  But the mitral valve prolapse has gone from being "mild to moderate" to definitely "moderate".  In addition, we have been having issues with her in the past few weeks with her maintaining her oxygen saturation levels.  She has a pulse ox monitor at home, and we use it at night and sometimes during the day if she's not feeling well.  We were noticing that in the mornings, her oxygen would remain in the low 90% when it should be mid to high 90s.  It would dip into the mid to upper 80s.  Several times lately, she has spent the better part of the day hooked up to oxygen while awake because she wasn't keeping her levels up.

We thought maybe she's on the verge of another respiratory infection, but she never developed a fever or any other sign of illness.  But the problem persists.  We keep praying about this.  The home nurse and I have been speaking with the pediatrician and pulmonary clinic about this and even the cardiologist said his first inclination would have been pulmonary hypertension, but it isn't.  Thank God!  What it is, though, we do not know.

For right now, rather than heading back to see the cardiologist in one year, we will see him again in 3 months.  They will evaluate the mitral valve prolapse via another echo and we'll see if she's still having the issues with her oxygen.  Right now, worst case is perhaps a 24 hour heart monitor to check for an arrhythmia and perhaps having a heart cath done.  A heart monitor - ok.  Heart cath???  I am really not sure about that one, although if the doctor recommends it, certainly we would strongly consider doing it.

He mentioned future possibilities if the prolapse became severe.  I won't even get into that here right now.

There's nothing really "bad" that came out of this visit in terms of what is going on today and what we can do right now.  That said, I would love to ask for prayer for Peyton for her heart that God can heal it so that we don't even have to consider what was tabled today in the event it becomes severe.

Thank you! 

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  1. lovely to find you via the wednesday linkup! as a mummy of a child with a very rare syndrome...smith magenis syndrome, all of your appointments ring true here as well...in fact spent most of yesterday in hospital with my angel. lots of love and glad to be following. just about to link up about tilly called 'sometimes i daydream' xxx


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