Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In Case You Missed It

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!
We had a good weekend!

I continued to blog over the weekend, but as people tend to be busy or are traveling over the holiday weekend, I thought I would just post a little recap of what you may have missed here {in case you are interested}!

On Thursday I wrote a reflection on "Holy Thursday".  You might say, yeah, well we're past Easter now.  I would encourage you to take a look anyway!  One of the elements observed on Holy Thursday is Jesus washing the disciples' feet.  I reflected on what this means for us today.

Then I wrote a reflection on "Good Friday".  Again, yes, we are past Easter - but isn't it good to take a moment to reflect on the events that occurred on that day and what it means for us?  Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice for our salvation.  We shouldn't let a day pass where we don't remember what he did for us.

On Saturday, I posted my recap of my week of Scripture reading.  However, I also had the incredible opportunity to participate in an adopt a block outreach program through our church.  I shared what that experience meant for me.

Hopefully there will be a little something in these writings for you!

Happy Tuesday!

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