Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Guest Post: A Word on "Religion"

Hi friends!

I am super excited to welcome Kelly from The Houtz House Party to my blog today.  She is one of my lovely sponsors and she graciously offered to do a guest post on my blog!  I met her recently through another blogger who was promoting her "in real life" friend's blog, so I visited, followed, and before I knew it, Kelly and I were becoming good friends!  I love it when you find people in the bloggy world that you really click instantly with!  Kelly is one of those people for me!

Hello Fontenot Four friends! 

I am SO happy to be here on Sarah’s blog today.  In my short time in this blogging community I feel like Sarah and I have become such fast friends.  She is so warm and kind and I am so so honored to call her a real friend.  Sarah you rock girlfriend!!  Thank you SO much for having me today!!!

I want to share with you today something that’s been in my head and on my heart for quite some time.

I hate the word “religion”.  I feel like it implies rigidity, rules, guilt and judgment.  I feel like “religion” warns me that I need to pay for the wrongs I’ve done.  That I need to make sure people know if I do right…but if I don’t do right I feel like I need to make sure people DON’T know THAT part.  With “religion” I’m in a constant state of trying to do better, doing better, then failing, feeling extremely guilty, resolving to start over only to fail again miserably.  Rinse and repeat countless times.

When it’s about JESUS…no matter what denomination you identify with or the style in which you worship…all that “religion” goes out the window and with it, the stress, from the rigidity, rules, guilt and judgment.  THAT my friends is a beautiful thing.

You see, that was the point of Jesus coming to this earth.  He came and endured a horrible betrayal, torture and death so that we don’t have to be under the heavy heavy thumb of such rigidity, rules, guilt and judgment.

God gave us his Son to save us from all of that and He gave us his Word (ya know the bible) so that we can learn from the past, learn what He did for us through His son and ultimately learn HOW to act and WHAT to do JUST BECAUSE WE LOVE HIM AND HE LOVES US.

What is the point of calling yourself a “Christian” if you aren’t working every day to represent Him well.  Each day is not without human failure.  You get involved in the normal day to day and sometimes forget.  So what?  TRY again, DO again.

The WONDERFUL thing you can be THANKFUL for is you can TRY again and DO again without the guilty feeling of failing once again.

Jesus took that all away.

We don’t do or say things in His name because we have to check a box in order to go to heaven.  We do or say things in His name because we are grateful for what He did for us on the cross and want everyone else to know that too.


Thank you, Kelly, for such an amazing post.  I have actually thought about writing on this very topic recently.  It's been on my mind a lot.  Religion versus Relationship.  One day I will write about that, but thank you so much for breaking that ice for me here!!

Friends, please head on over to Kelly's blog and show her some love!


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