Thursday, April 19, 2012

Carpenter Family Adoption Fundraiser and Giveaway!

Back in November, I introduced you to a friend of mine.  Her name is Jessica.  She and her family are in the process of an international adoption.  Jessica shared her story HERE.

As you might imagine, the cost of adoption is enormous.  Several months ago, I began a little fundraiser to help her out.  Some of you even participated in this ongoing event.  I knit cute little coffee sleeves.  I have recently opened up a Storenvy shop and am now selling these in that shop, which you can get to HERE.  The sleeves pictured below are $4.  There is also a really cute one that has a button closure and it is $5.  $3 from the sale of each of these coffee sleeves has been going to Jessica for her adoption fund!  This is ongoing, so feel free to jump in at anytime!  Also, if you really like these but the colors just aren't your cup of tea {ha!  they are coffee sleeves after all!}, let's talk - I can find what you're looking for!

So, that's my little plug for my own fundraiser, but now I want to share with you her news!

Jessica has been writing a blog called Bamboo & Pluff Mud which is the story of her family and their adoption journey.  If you are interested in adoption and how it all works or just want to get to know Jessica and her story, you should stop by her blog and say hi!


I really want to share this with you.  Jessica and her family are doing so much to raise funds to bring their baby home.  I can't even imagine how she does it all!  She is having an amazing giveaway going on right now on her blog.  You can read all about it HERE.  This giveaway includes:

If you head on over to Jessica's blog post about this giveaway, she will give you all the details you need to know to participate!

Also, if you could keep this precious family in your prayers that they may raise the funds they need so they can bring their baby home, that would be awesome!



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