Sunday, March 25, 2012

Simply Scripture on a Sunday - v.14

I went to an amazing conference here at a local church.
The speaker was the one and only Ann Voskamp.
I will share a lot more on that with you later.
Right now, I'm in our apartment complex's business center on a Mac.
I've never been on a Mac. do I do "shift insert" on this thing???
Our modem wasn't working right at home - got a replacement from AT&T which never had a chance to live before it died - hooked up the old one and it doesn't work at all now.

Ann said at the conference that Martin Luther said "Satan hates the use of pens."  Well, I think he hates keyboards and internet as well, because I've been incommunicado since Friday morning.  Maybe you didn't even notice...but I've been absent and hating it on the one hand, but thinking maybe there's a message in here somewhere.  Working on processing that.

rather than waste time trying to figure out this Mac, I'll just keep this simple for today.
Hopefully I will have a new working modem at some point tomorrow.
If I owe you an email or a guest post or sponsor info, I am so sorry.  I'm not ignoring you on purpose!!

If you are familiar with Ann Voskamp at all, then you probably know she wrote the book "One Thousand Gifts."  Between the book and the conference I just attended, I am totally re-evaluating how I give thanks to God every day in all circumstances.

I have SO much to share from this conference, but I just wanted to leave you with this scripture from 1 Thessalonians 5:18.  Be thankful.  ALL the time.  In good times.  In difficult times.  In the sunshine.  In the rain.  In the trials.  In the victories.  In the light.  In the darkness.  In the joys.  In the heartaches.


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