Sunday, March 4, 2012

Simply Scripture on a Sunday - v.12

What are we called to do as Christians?
Be the hands and feet of Christ here on Earth.
To advance the Kingdom on Earth.
To serve.

I had a very humbling experience yesterday.
For the first time, Ron, Moira and myself participated in Adopt-A-Block
at the Dream Center in North Charleston.
It is an outreach of our church in one of the poorer areas of town.
It's been on my heart to do this for some time,
but we just hadn't gotten around to it.

Always excuses for not doing what should be done, right??

We finally did it.

I wanted the family to participate.  
Obviously Peyton cannot, but I wanted the rest of us to go.
To show Moira that even though we certainly don't have it all,
we live in a very nice area {that's a whole story in itself},
and that there are a lot of people who truly have very little.
I feel like Moira is a very compassionate child as it is,
and I wanted to expose her to this side of things
so she could see that while we may not have a house of our own,
what we do have is pretty nice.
While she doesn't have every game, toy, or American girl doll going,
she has a lot more than some kids her age.
I have been wanting to embrace this opportunity as a family
to show her that there is something we can do.

Honestly, I was nervous.
I had no idea what to expect.
Yes, I've been on a couple short-term mission trips to impoverished areas in Mexico.
But I've never traveled within the area I live to see how some people are living right in our own backyard.

We met up at the Dream Center to sign in.
There was a little music and prayer, and then we were off to our block.
I was meeting up with some people from Sisterhood, so it was nice to have people I knew around.
We drove to an area at the end of a run-down road,
quite literally on the other side of the tracks.
It was an area of trailer homes consisting of just a few short blocks.
The furthest ones out were so close to the overpass of the freeway.
The main street was just down an embankment from where the railroad tracks pass through.

We split into a few groups and each group took a street.
My family went with one of our Sisterhood leaders and her family.
Door to door we went.
We watched as my leader interacted with some of the people.
Then Ron and I became the ones knocking on the doors.
Most people weren't home,
or were doing a good impression of people who weren't home.
But we did interact with a few from the community.

I want to go back.
I want to push myself further out of my comfort zone.

I also want to cry.
My heart breaks for these people.
One young pregnant woman had a small child outside with her while people were working on the inside of her trailer home.  She's due at the end of May.  I couldn't help but think of what this new child was going to be coming home to in just a few months.  While I'm respectful of the fact that this is her home, I can't imagine being in a position where this is what I would have to call home.  Perhaps it's all she can afford.  Perhaps it's better than where she may have come from.  I don't know her past history at all.  But it just made me sad to think about what it must be like to be in her shoes.

Thank God for roofs over their heads,
but they need more than that.

Praying for these people that God will continue to shelter and protect them.
Praying that He will bring employment to the people who are in need of jobs.
Praying that He will give direction and hope where they are needed.
Praying that they will take advantages of the services that are being offered through the outreach of the Dream Center and any organizations that may be in the area.

Praying that I am granted wisdom and guidance where this ministry is concerned.
It's something I definitely want to go back to next month.
But I just keep thinking there's something more I could be doing.

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