Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Perhaps an Answer to Prayer

As I sit here next to Peyton's hospital crib, I am thanking God that this time around, the hospital stay is seemingly more of a precautionary thing. She hasn't had antibiotics since that night in the ER. She had coughed up blood that night, but not since. My feeling is that we will be home soon.

We have been upset time and again over nursing hours being cut back, only to get a temporary increase after Peyton has been hospitalized. After her last stay a few weeks ago, we got a bump up through March 17. So I wonder, was this stay enough to let the powers that be know that a temporary increase isn't sufficient, and that a permanent increase, even if those hours are still far les than what we used to get, is justified? Surely our temporary increase in hours will be extended past the 17th now.

I won't have an answer til I know when Peyton is going home, but I can't help bur think that maybe this is a God thing. She is in he hospital, yes, but things could have been worse. Perhaps this is just a means to get Peyton the adequate home nursing help she needs.

Pray with me for that, please. Let this temporary setback result in something that is so necessary for Peyton.

Update: Peyton will be getting an additional four weeks of nursing at 56 hours per week. It isn't perfect, but it's something to be grateful for.

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