Thursday, March 8, 2012

God Potential

Can I just say that I am SO SO SO glad that First Wednesday fell this week at church??  If you read this blog or follow me on facebook or twitter, you know it's been a challenging season for us {hopefully a short one}.  I needed First Wednesday.  If you don't know what this is, it is an extended church service with lots of worship music and a message - it falls on the first Wednesday of the month {duh}.

This week, we heard from a guest pastor, Naeem Fazal, from Mosaic Church in Charlotte, NC.  While he used to be with our church, that was before our time there, so this was the first time we'd heard him preach. Do you ever find yourself sitting in church listening to a message that feels like it's written just for you or that speaks right to your heart on some level?  Yeah, that was this message for me.  And for my husband as well.

Pastor Fazal spoke on a few themes - but one that stood out to me was how he shared that everyone - no matter who they are or where they are in this world - everything that has breath in it was created with God potential.  The problem lies in the fact that we go through life not noticing people around us.  We come in contact with people each and every day and when we see them out of context, we don't recognize them.  Or they just go unnoticed altogether.  The point is, that we need to begin to notice those around us and recognize this "God potential" in them.  It may be that a chance meeting with someone could be just the thing needed to tap into this and be the thing that draws them to Christ!  We have to spend more time listening to God and to pay attention to those moments and opportunities that could so easily pass us by.

If you really stop and think about this, imagine the opportunities that have slipped away because we haven't been paying attention.  On the other hand, imagine what great things could be accomplished for the Kingdom if we really began to pay attention and act in those chance meetings, or "diving appointments", that come our way.  Imagine how many people could be changed or brought to Him if we just took notice and acted on the  opportunity!!

I am embedding the message from First Wednesday here for you to watch if you so desire.  It's obviously not a requirement, just a suggestion.  I, personally would highly recommend it.  The running time is about 30 minutes.  What I have shared above is but a tidbit of information that was shared in this message.  This message really was powerful for me, so I thought I'd share it with you all!

You can also find me writing over HERE today.

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