Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Girl Behind the Blog - What I'm Learning

Alright friends, I did it.  I recorded a vlog {Yikes!!  Scary!!} and am linking up with The Hollie Rogue and 5ohWifey for their "Girl Behind the Blog" today.  The topic was what I'm learning right now.  I spoke about "Thanksgiving"{no, not the turkey holiday...the actual concept of giving thanks!}.  

a) I was freaky nervous and I totally hate how I sound, but here it is.
b) I may or may not have had my head strategically placed to block out the major glare of the sun coming in behind me...'cause I can't relocate my laptop since it's hinges are broken and pretty much has become a desktop.
c) I may or may not have had to relocate an enormous laundry pile.
d) I may or may not have actually dried my hair and put on make up and a better top just for the recording of this impromptu vlog this morning!

earrings: Mama's Nest Designs

Thanks for listening and please come back tomorrow and link up for Thankful Thursdays!
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