Monday, March 12, 2012

A Full Weekend

My daughter Moira turned 8 on Saturday!
I know I wrote about that already but I wanted to share a few pictures from the day.

We really had a full weekend - starting on Friday night with a big soccer game.  Moira's team is the Cainhoy Athletic Dynamite.  They played a very tough opponent and lost 5-3.  That said, after the first 10 minutes had passed and the other team was already in the lead, our team did come back strong and tried their hardest.  Our team is one of the younger ones in their U9 division - and least experienced.  We were a $180 a season team vs a $1,000 a season "academy" league.  Our girls have definitely come a long way from their previous $30 a season rec league days but it's going to be an uphill battle this season.  All that said, I am very proud of them!

Saturday morning {Moira's actual birthday} started out with a phone call from her Grandpa {my dad}.  While on the phone with him, she opened up her birthday gifts from him.  She was really excited about her gifts!  First up, she got an official soccer backpack.  It actually has her name embroidered on the top.  Now, a lot of the girls have a similar backpack, but it's all black.  I handled picking up the gifts from my dad and I thought it would probably be a good idea to have her bag have some color to it to distinguish it from the others.  You might think - "Well, it's got her name embroidered on it.  There aren't too many "Moira's" out there."  Well, that's true, but I can still envision someone grabbing the wrong bag just because it looks like theirs - completely ignoring the name on it!  Anyway, her practice gear happens to be all Adidas brand in royal blue, so I picked out this color.

And, of course, you're not a real player unless you have the whole ensemble.  Ok, not really, but a lot of the Cainhoy kids have these gold hoodies with the crest on the front and their number on the sleeve.  I suggested this to my dad as well and he was all over that idea!  The photo, I'll admit, is a little scary.  I had to tear her eyes away from the game she was playing on Ron's laptop just to get a picture.  She was being goofy.

Moira played another soccer game on Saturday {and lost}.  Once again, they were up against a really tough opponent.  There are 9 girls on our team, and two didn't show up.  The games are 6 on 6, which meant we could only have one player on the bench at a time.  The ref, for whatever reason, did 30 or 35 minute halves when they should have been 25 minute halves, so our girls really had to play their hearts out.  Oh, did I mention, the other team had twelve players - meaning they could sub out a complete team each time!!  Their girls were on the sidelines literally doing cartwheels while ours were nearly throwing up from being so winded!  Once again, I was extremely proud of our girls for the effort they put forth.  They may have lost, but they did an awesome job all things considered.

After the game, we went to the grocery store where Moira picked out her birthday cake.  Then we went home so she could shower and change.  We went out to lunch and then went home.  Our nursing hours for Peyton were limited, so I had to get home.  We rested for a while.  Later on, Ron and Moira went out on a little shopping spree, which was her gift from us. We had given her a few options of what she could get - a little shopping spree, an overnight trip with Ron to Atlanta to go to the American Girl Doll store, or a day trip to an amusement park that opens up for the season in about a month.  She chose the shopping spree.  Why?  I'm sure it was because it was something she could get now.  Later in the evening, we enjoyed her birthday cake and looked back on a great 8th birthday!
There were a few things on the shopping trip that Moira didn't accomplish, so on Sunday after church, we headed out again.  One thing this child decided was that she wanted her ears pierced.  I had taken her back around Christmas time.  She got into the chair, had her ears marked but then chickened out.  She even said recently that she wasn't interested.  However, on Saturday she decided she was ready.  Ron wasn't ready to do that to her without me present, so we went up to Claire's on Sunday afternoon.  She was so brave!!  When she had the first ear done, she had a look on her face that concerned me a little - not sure if she was terrified, about to throw up or pass out, or a combination!  She never jumped and never cried.  The second ear was done and she was ready to roll.  I thought she should sit for a few minutes, but she was ready!

I have to say, this was a very full and very satisfying weekend. I cannot believe my "baby" is 8. I still can't believe how much older she looks with her ears pierced! I shudder to think of the changes that will be heading our way in the next year or two. I'm not ready for this!! But such is life. At least I get to hang on to the "baby-like" qualities of Peyton for a while. She'll be 6 in May!

Oh, and I'm totally digging Pic Monkey right now!!  I honestly never really edit my photos except to crop them {oh horror of horrors!!}.  It is something I want to learn.  I want to be cool like the rest of you guys!!

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