Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blog Positivity Week - Connect!

Welcome back for Day 2 of Blog Positivity Week, hosted by Ashley from After Nine To Five!

Yesterday I talked about how you can be an encouragement to others just by the words that you choose to speak through your blog!

The blogging world can seem daunting.  It's a big place.  It can seem overwhelming if you're a newbie {and even for a not-so-newbie like me}.  It can seem scary.  I guess I can liken it feeling like a wallflower at a school  dance.  You hang back and watch all the cool kids do their thing.  They get all the attention and little, if any, is paid to you.  You wonder just how you're supposed to fit in.  Will anyone like me??

Here's the thing.
I am SO SO SO painfully shy.  I have written about that before.  I'm not kidding. Put me in the middle of a room full of strangers, and I will be looking for every possible way to figure out how to disappear into the surroundings.  At the same time, I'm hoping to be noticed.  Hoping someone will see me and just intuitively understand that this girl's just ridiculously shy and too paranoid to come out of her shell!

Can any of you relate to that??

So, here's the big blog world and it's full of all these outgoing, awesome, beautiful ladies with their amazingly put-together perfect lives.  I think to myself, yeah, I sure don't fit in.  Just like everywhere else in my life I've had to force myself to fit in.  Do you feel like you can't compete with the awesomeness out there??  That's kind of how I felt {and still feel sometimes}.

Let's get real for a minute, shall we?!

I'm sitting here at my computer desk.  The hinges on my laptop are broken beyond repair and my laptop - an almost 4 year old Dell Inspiron - is what I lovingly refer to as my craptop.  I hate it.  But it's what I've got.  Right now, I'm sitting on a chair from the kitchen table.  It's draped with two blankets I just pulled out of the laundry.  I haven't made it to the master bedroom yet to change the sheets.  Behind me is my living room sofa covered in a pile of laundry which I'm slowly but surely folding.  On the other side of me is a kitchen island covered in junk - papers that need to be filed, Moira's homework from weeks gone by, etc.  My ironing board isn't put up.  Moira hasn't put any of her Wii games back in their cases.  It's a little cluttery and messy in my home right now.  I'm in jeans and a t-shirt, hair pulled back with no style whatsoever.

It's not a picture perfect scene I'm setting for you now, is it?!

So when you get these images of perfection of all these big bloggers in your head, get them right out.  Now, I can't speak for every other blogger out there.  But I'm willing to bet that they've got laundry piled up somewhere {or recently did}, kids toys and games which aren't put away, papers needing filed, and so on.  Ok, maybe they're the rare clutter-phobic person who is an organizational wizard.  But I'm guessing that most people, if we're being honest, don't live in a showcase home.  Most of us don't wake up in full make up, hair fully styled, manicured, pedicured, and breath smelling like peppermint, only to roll out into our top of the line apparel straight off the cover of a fashion magazine.  I bet some of us are dealing with spit up, vomit, nasty diapers, potty training kids {and husbands} with bad aim, walking dogs, cleaning cat boxes, scrubbing crayon off the walls, and so on....all while in our old t's and yoga pants.  If we're lucky, maybe we remembered to brush our teeth today!

Now that I've dispelled the myths of what the "real" blogger looks like, it's your turn.  Get to know these women - myself included!  Don't hang back like you did at that high school dance.  Get out there.  Don't be afraid - for the most part, we're not going to bite!  If you read a blog you love comment comment comment!!  Make yourself known to these bloggers you love so much.  Most bloggers have an email link on their home page.  Click it.  Send someone an email just to say hi!  Make yourself known!  Offer to swap buttons.  I'm not saying you have to beg and plead with people for attention, but just stop in and say hi every now and then.

To date, I have had one skype date with a couple of my bloggy friends.  There are so many others I'd love to get to know better.  Amanda, Kelli, Cassie, Sarah, and Hannah to name a few.  There are SO many more I'd love to get to know better.  Just check out my sidebar.  Pick any of those!  Some of these ladies I've been bloggy friends with for a while now, while others are fairly new.

If you think that that is ridiculous, that you're not going to make real friends online...think again.  I haven't met these people except online and there are some who I would say I am privileged to know.  I'd love to meet them on skype or in person one day.  Gosh, I would love that!!

So, I encourage you...
Make your presence known!
Get to know me!  I'd love to get to know you!



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