Monday, March 19, 2012

Blog Positivity Week - Be An Encouragement!


Several of us bloggers {some big, some not so big} are banding together to promote a positive atmosphere in the blogosphere this week! Ashley from After Nine to Five is the driving force behind this.

I wrote a post last week on the Power of Words.
I'm going to say it again - the words you speak through this platform have tremendous power, whether you realize it or not!  I want to really encourage you this week {and beyond!} to really be aware of how you say what you say in your blog.  Try to put yourself in your reader's shoes and ask yourself if what you are saying is truly positive.

I have written a couple posts on why I blog.  I think it's a really good idea, at one point or another, to share this with your readers.  After all, you started blogging for a reason, didn't you??  We all have a "driving force" behind our blogs.  When I've written these posts, I have found that it is a good opportunity to check myself - to see how I'm measuring up.  If I had a mission statement for my blog, would I be following it.  Hmm...maybe a mission statement wouldn't be a bad idea!

For me, I blog because my background has been full of life-altering challenges.  Not the least of which is having a special needs child who is also medically fragile.  My blogging came out of a place that was pretty dark and negative.  I pretty much had to force myself to be positive.  I decided to start this blog as a place where I could recount the blessings in my life and give thanks to God for His grace, mercy, and provision through all our trials.  I blog about my faith.  A lot.

All that is to say, I kind of have my own little niche, if you will.  I'm not a typical "mommy blogger".  I'm not really a crafter, so I rarely have tutorials, although I did make a cool handmade journal and shared that!  I don't do blog designs.  I do have an etsy shop, but even that is sort of limited.  In the near-year that I've been blogging, I've been amazed to see how the numbers have grown.

Oh....the numbers.

Here's the thing.
I try to remain focused on my purpose for my blog - that I want to try to reach out and help others and perhaps offer some sort of blessing or encouragement to my readers.  But I want it not to be me doing it.  I want this to be about God and what He can do - through me - on this blog.  I want it to be for His glory - not mine.  To promote His fame - not mine.

I want to encourage you to not get all caught up in the hype of the numbers.  GFC, Linky Followers, and so on.  You are you.  Your blog is your space - your outlet for the mission you have.  While it might be quite different from my mission, it's still a mission.  Just don't get all caught up in the "why isn't anyone following me???" mentality.  Just don't.  I still look at the numbers.  The "analytics" portion of the blogging business are fascinating to me.  They are.  I love to see where people are coming here from!

I want to encourage you to be YOU on your blog.  To have these great positive words speaking life to people!  Be an encouragement.  Whether you're blogging about your family, your home, your crafty stuff, your indie biz, your friends, etc.  Be a light!

We're all just people out here.

We can be there to support one another.  To encourage one another.  To lift each other up.  To help one another.  To develop each other.  To mentor someone.  To learn.  To grow.

When I started this blog, it was about me being positive.
Today it's about showing how much goodness is out there.  It's about sharing the blessings - not to boast about the blessings, but to share the good works that God is doing in our lives in such a time as this.

My numbers aren't huge.  And I don't really care about that.
What I care about is you.
I want you to feel at home here.
I want you to feel welcomed here.
I want you to know that you are loved here.
I want you to know that if you need anything, I'm here for you.

Thanks for being here!


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