Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blog Positivity Week - Shrinking The World!

I decided to write another installment for Blog Positivity Week today!

When I first started publicly blogging, I wondered, who on earth is going to read MY blog??
Nearly a year later, I am wondering, who on earth in Morocco is reading my blog??

I've said it before - the numbers don't matter!
I am so darned fascinated with Google Analytics and Site Meter -
not for all the numbers they show {although that's all cool and everything} -
but for the ability to see the cities and countries of where all of you lovely people are coming from!

I started writing them down in the beginning because I thought it was so cool.
Sure, I expect to see lots of people in the U.S. {where I live} and Canada {where I spent most of my life}.  Scotland was a possibility since I have family there, and it was in fact the third country to appear as a visitor on my blog.  But then there was France {ok, so maybe it was a Facebook friend from when I was playing Farmville - I kicked that habit AGES ago}.  Cambodia {a friend of a friend was in the mission field there}.  But then all of a sudden, the Pacific Rim seemed a constant source of blog traffic {even if in small numbers}. Then Eastern Europe, South America, many European countries, and then Asia.  A ways into it, all of a sudden I'm seeing African nations on the list.  My image of Africa certainly didn't include people sitting at their computers checking out my blog.  Funny - a lot of them found me because they were doing Daniel Fast  searches on Google.

What struck me was recently when I started seeing the odd Middle Eastern country appear.  I thought, wow, that's amazing. I've had visitors from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel, Palestine - and it struck me.  I write a Christian blog.  These people are, through whatever means, are winding up on my blog in a very non-Christian society.  I thought of the advantages I have over here in terms of the freedoms we have.

All of this, again, points to the power we have with the words that we speak.  You need to be true to who you are, of course.  If "faith blogging" isn't your thing, that's fine.  Mine, as you may have noticed, is primarily a faith-based blog.  I'd love to be part of "Faith Blogs" but I am not {although I see they are re-launching April 2 - can't wait to see what's in store there!}.  As faith is a big part of this blog, I think that that allows me a unique opportunity to reach the unreached.  You may not be a "pastor" or "preacher", but your words can the power to change people's views on things.  Your words have the power to bring light to people's lives and to show them a way that they may not have ever seen.

Blogging shrinks the world, doesn't it?  You might find yourself interacting with people from several countries all in one day - via blog comments, twitter, facebook, and so on.  It's amazing to me how this blogging community has the power to unite and to bring people from far and wide closer together!  So much more reason for focusing on all the good stuff in life!!

So, again, welcome to my little corner of the blog world.
No matter where you are from, know that you are welcome here!!

On that note...where are you from?
Share in the comments!
I'd love to hear from you!


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