Friday, February 10, 2012


This morning I saw a couple pins on Pinterest about worry.
I woke up this morning with no blog post written, scheduled or planned.  I had no idea what to write on.
When I saw those pins, I knew that's what I'd write about today.


We all do it.

Sometimes we worry about things that are truly concerning to us.
Sometimes it's little things that are seemingly insignificant to those around us.
Sometimes it's about things that we have no business worrying about.
Sometimes we take the worry of others on ourselves and worry about it too.

When we worry, we place an extraordinary amount of stress on ourselves, don't we?
When it's the health of a loved one, of course our first inclination is to be worried about the situation.
In reality, though, we have very little {if any} control over the things we worry about.

We must realize that when things seem like the are out of our control when we are deep in worry, that someone is in control of it all - God.  He's got your back.  He knows your fears and worries and wants you to cast them on Him so that your burdens will be lessened.  

It all begins with taking a step of faith.  We sometimes don't know how to relinquish that control because we want to maintain some sort of power in the situation.  We may feel like if we give up the reins, that we are incapable people.  Ceasing to be in control of the situation doesn't mean that you don't care or that you're incapable of solving your own problems.  It means that you trust God that He is in control and that He has the power to handle whatever your situation may be.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Remembering that God is in control, we have to realize that when we worry about the outcome of something, we are projecting our fears onto the situation.  We fail to see the bigger picture sometimes.  We've dealt with a special needs and medically fragile child for almost six years now.  I worried...I worried a lot.  But all that worry wasn't going to change the fact that Peyton has some serious issues.  Those issues may cut her life short.  I eventually stopped worrying like I used to.  I gave up control and gave it to God.  I don't understand why He created Peyton the way He did, but He did create her that way.  Nothing God does is by accident.  There is a purpose behind all He does.  I failed, for a long time, to see the bigger picture.  Because of my worry, I failed to see that God was trying to use her {and me} for another purpose that I wasn't envisioning.  I still worry a bit from time to time, but when I give all of my concerns to God, I allow Him the freedom to use our lives for His purpose and glory.  

Instead of worrying, I pray.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

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