Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday 10 - A 1970s Sick Day

I'm feeling a little sniffly today.  My throat hurts.
I was trying to consider what I could come up with for a Tuesday 10 list,
and it hit me...
in the 1970s or early '80s, what would I have watched on TV today on my sick day??
Here goes:
{in no particular order}

1.  I might start my day with a little Mr. Dressup...'cause I grew up in Canada, eh!

Source: google.ca via Sarah on Pinterest

2.  A little Happy Days to cheer me up.

3.  Followed by a little Laverne and Shirley.

4.  Then I might catch a little Alice.

5.  Of course, I'd have to catch Family Affair at some point.
{note: last year Peyton had an occupational therapist named Buffy, a physical therapist named Jody, a home nurse named Sissy, an Uncle Bill (who we still have!), and a school principal named Mrs. French (sorry...not a Mr., but still pretty close!!)}

6.  I probably would have caught The Brady Bunch somewhere along the way.

Source: google.com via Sarah on Pinterest

7.  I was feeling sick, so I'd have to take it all One Day at a Time.

Source: google.com via Sarah on Pinterest

8.  If I tried faking sickness, my mom might have said Gimme a Break.

Source: google.ca via Sarah on Pinterest

9.  I might have a little alien encounter somewhere in my day with Mork and Mindy.

10.  And last, but certainly not least, I'd catch up on The Facts of Life.

Source: google.ca via Sarah on Pinterest

What a fulfilling tv-watching day that would have been!
I could have listed so many other shows.
They sure don't make tv like they used to.
{Am I dating myself in this post???}

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