Sunday, February 26, 2012

Simply Scripture on a Sunday - v.11

Our church has been doing a series on the book of Galatians for the past few weeks.  
I have read and re-read the entire book {it's only 6 chapters} a few times over the course of this series as our pastor encouraged us to do.
There is so much insight to be gained from this short book of the Bible.  I would highly encourage you to read it as well {if you feel so inclined}.
We are called to give up our old selfish, wicked, sinful selves and to live in the Spirit.
It teaches that Jesus Christ has rescued us from these ways by giving his life for our sins.

We are made right with God, not by the acts that we do,
but our belief in His son, Jesus Christ.
He is the key to freedom from our sins.

We must fight daily against the evil in this world.
Those things come from the Enemy,
but the Spirit longs for us to do the opposite.

When we live for Christ and live in the Holy Spirit,
we will be richly blessed.

We are called not to boast in the things of this world.
Worldly things do not lead to a life in Christ.
If we must boast about anything, boast in the cross of Christ.


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