Thursday, February 16, 2012


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When Peyton was taken to the ER yesterday morning,
I sent out emails,
I tweeted,
I facebooked.
I told people what was happening in our family with Peyton being sick.
I asked for prayer.

I had responses from a few family members.
I had responses from friends.
I had responses from bloggy friends.
I had responses from church friends - my church family.

I missed Sisterhood this morning.  I was pretty down about that,
but I knew I was where God needed me to be - with Peyton.
Still, I really look forward to this each week and to miss it made me sad.

Then I got this tweet from our leader in women's ministry:

Friends, I cannot tell you how humbling it is to receive something like this.
Over 100 women.  Praying for my needs this morning.

Whether you were one of the many people who let me know
through twitter, facebook, or my blog that you were praying,
or if you were one of the many who emailed me asking how things were going
and said you were praying,
or texted me to check in and say you were praying,
or if you were part of this group of 100+ women praying for us,
please know how much I appreciate your prayers
and your thoughtfulness during this time.

Yesterday was pretty difficult.
I'll save that for another post.

Just know that all your prayers are such a blessing and an encouragement.

Thank you.

(for updates on her progress, visit her CaringBridge page here)

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