Friday, February 3, 2012

A New Addition...

I've got a new addition...
on my blog that is.
If you look over on my right side bar, you'll see a new widget amongst the "follow me" options.
I found this on a facebook post from Kristine at The Foley Fam.
It's a great little widget called Linky Followers.
I know a lot of you are on WordPress and will no longer have the option to use GFC on your blog at some point soon.  This might be a viable alternative if you're interested in a way to keep track of your followers.  It's really cool because it is also a bit like Bloglovin' where you can keep a private blogroll so you can view all the blogs you follow all in one place!

Here are some screen shots from my dashboard:

1.  Here you can see the list of blogs you follow.  As I have only just heard of this, the only blog I know to follow so far is The Foley Fam!  {And you should too!!}

2.  You can also see at a glance who is following you.  FYI "Brent Riggs" is the guy behind Linky Followers, so that will automatically show up.
3.  The private blogroll allows you to enter the blog info of all your favorite blogs so you can view them all in one place.
 4.  Basic account management.

You will see this image on my right side bar.  The person/blog's name will display when you hover over the picture.

If you click on their image, then it brings you to their profile {see example below}.  From there, you can click "visit blog" to go to their blog.

I hope this is something that you find helpful!  If you do add it, please follow me and I will return the follow!
Spread the word too!

I have also linked up for a blog hop.
Click on the button below and head on over to join in the fun!

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